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10 Tips to Redo Your Interior Without Buying Anything New

Keeping up with the latest fashion is very expensive and completely unrealistic for most people. Just imagine if you had to buy all brand-new furniture every time you noticed a new design trend crop up in design magazines.
Simultaneously, it’s fun to update and embrace a fresh aesthetic in your interior space from time to time.
But make no mistake, you don’t have to overspend to do so. You can always shuffle around the items you already have and get creative. This way, you can refresh your home interior without spending a dime.

Create a gallery wall with items you already have

How Refresh Home Without New Things gallery wall
A gallery wall is a timeless interior design element – and for good reason. It creates a point of interest in your home, for both you and your guests to admire. In addition, it’s infinitely customizable to fit the fashion of the day. So creating one if you don’t have it in your space yet is definitely a fun project on a day you’re feeling creative.
To begin, gather some framed items or any hangable decor pieces around the house, and then arrange them on a wall. If you’ve got some spare frames, you can use them to display unexpected items that hold sentimental value too, such as baby clothes, hats, or small precious gifts. Such pieces are always a great addition, as they really make the art wall reflect your personality and life story.

Move decorations from one place to another

How Refresh Home Without New Things room with a bookcase

Decorations can be shuffled around your home all the time, and this will undoubtedly refresh the look of your interior. It’s as if you went shopping for decorations for your living room or dining room, but doing so in your own home. Try decoration hunting in places you see every day, but also spots you don’t open very often, e.g. every closet, storage room, and boxes in the attic.

For instance, you can move the standing lamp you had near your couch to the bedroom, or place a houseplant on a bookshelf instead of the windowsill. The same principle works for small rugs, souvenirs, candles, and jewelry boxes. Cycling these items around and experimenting with various combinations is sure to breathe new life into a familiar room.

In my experience, this can even teach you to love the pieces you already own more. For example, you might have already forgotten about that old bowl in the cupboard, but it really shines in a new way on the dining table. Rediscovering such long-forgotten gems is extremely satisfying!

Sort through the cluttered areas

How Refresh Home Without New Things declutter

I am a strong believer in decluttering the home at least once a year. Still, every time I start decluttering a room, I’m always surprised by the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated. “Where did it all come from?” I ask myself as I collect boxes full of items that need a new home or those that should have been in the trash for months.

If you haven’t decluttered for a while, doing so can make a massive positive change in the environment. We recommend that you do this one room at a time: empty each closet, each shelf, and every bookshelf, and comb through each item one by one. As you do, ask yourself if the item still sparks joy or is useful in your home. If so, keep it and put it back, but if any doubts arise, donate, discard, or put the item in storage. Once you’re done, you’re guaranteed to have a neater, more organized, and more spacious room.

Learn more about decluttering here: Here's How You Can Declutter Your Home

Change the photos in the frames

How Refresh Home Without New Things photos

Here’s a quick and easy tip for a change. This is suitable for those who want a change but don’t have the time and energy required for a decluttering project or a gallery wall.

Photo albums are fun to return to from time to time, but here’s another way to put certain memories and people front and center in your life. Simply swap out some of the photos in your frames for others – be they existing or newly printed ones.

Organize the areas with open shelving

How Refresh Home Without New Things open shelving

Open shelves have been all the rage for years now, and this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. As fashionable and convenient as these types of shelves are, they tend to start looking quite messy very quickly. So, we recommend organizing your open shelves into sections separated by decorations or houseplants.

And it doesn’t matter what you store on those shelves – books or kitchenware – arranging them in groups will make them look neater. This system also has the added bonus of making things easier to find. For example, if you divide books by genre, you’ll always know that the book you’re searching for is on the adventure shelf or in the sci-fi corner.

Embrace natural decor

How Refresh Home Without New Things vase with plant

The vast outdoors is a wonderful resource for creatives who want to save a bit of money. And it doesn’t matter if you have a thriving garden with trees and flowers, or you simply have a park or forest nearby.

Bring a piece of nature indoors by collecting a bouquet of wildflowers and displaying them in the entryway. You can also place a tree branch in a vase on the dining table, or fill a big bowl with pinecones and keep it on the mantelpiece. These simple solutions aren’t just free, but they're also incredibly decorative and give seasonal texture to your home.

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Redefine what counts as decor

How Refresh Home Without New Things

Do the fruits you bought at the grocery store count as decorations? What about the books you’re currently reading, a small mirror near the entrance, or your jewelry collection? Each of the items we listed here can become beautiful and tasteful design accents in your home. All you have to do is present them in a pleasant and decorative way. And most importantly of all, placement can be very practical too.

First and foremost, make sure that the space is free of clutter, and then carefully display the item so that it stands up. Place the fruit in a decorative large bowl in the middle of a table, and stack the books on a small side table or stool. Arrange the mirror on top of a pretty box so that it’s at eye level when you leave the house. The list carries on. The only limit is your imagination.

Conceal cables and wires

How Refresh Home Without New Things cables and wires

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the reasons why we get frustrated by our interiors is a sense of messiness and disorganization. Well, an increasingly common cause of that in today’s increasingly technological world is cables.

And while we all sit here and wait for all gadgets to become wireless, the only solution to those unsightly cables, for now, is concealing them. Whenever possible, hide wires and cables behind furniture or cord boxes. For more tips on organizing cables, read this article – 5 Handy Tricks to Declutter Your Computer’s Cables.

Move the textiles to a new spot

How Refresh Home Without New Things textiles

One easy trick you can do to give your home an instant makeover is swapping textiles. Move the throw pillows from the living room to the bedroom and vice versa, swap duvet covers between bedrooms, and exchange the curtains in one room for another. 

This isn’t always an option, but if you have a similar color palette in every room, or you mainly have neutral-colored textiles everywhere, then you can confidently play around with them and get a new look with every swap.

Move the furniture around

How Refresh Home Without New Things furniture
The most effective way to reduce your craving for new furniture or a complete overhaul of the living room is by playing around with the items of furniture you already own. Trust us, the moment you start moving around some furniture from one room to another, your space will immediately feel updated and fresh.
Even if all you’ve done is change a couple of minor things like the position of your couch, the feeling of wanting all things new will likely disappear.
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