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Cuddly, Cheeky, and Goofy - 25 Charming Ginger Cats!

There’s a widespread idea that ginger cats are not the sharpest pencils in the box. But we’re here to bust that myth once and for all. The truth is that ginger tabbies are at least as intelligent as other cats, and many are even more clever and brilliant. Perceptive, quick, and friendly, ginger cats love playing, cuddling, and socializing with people and pets. That’s why ginger tabbies are the best pets! They also happen to be my personal favorites, so you may call me biased. But if you don’t trust my words, trust your eyes. These 25 pictures show the majestic ginger cats in all of their glory.

A moment of attention, please!

Ginger Cats attention

Just Floyd relaxing at the poolside

Ginger Cats Floyd

He's majestic and he knows it

Ginger Cats majestic

Those cheeks are irresistible indeed... Munch!

Ginger Cats munch

Maybe, he just doesn't understand English...

Ginger Cats no cats on the countertop

"To be completely honest, the previous book made a much better pillow"

Ginger Cats book

Waiting for his humans to arrive

Ginger Cats waiting

Aww, look at those little teeth!

Ginger Cats little teeth

Who left a loaf of bread on the couch again?

Ginger Cats loaf of bread

"Edward, king of brain cell"

Ginger Cats Edward

Young Jim here loves taking air baths

Ginger Cats Jim

"What do you mean by no more treats?"

Ginger Cats kitchen

Why do the sweetest dreams always come when you steal your human's pillow?

Ginger Cats sweetest dreams

Rosco here is daddy's little helper

Ginger Cats Rosco

"Worship me, humans..."

Ginger Cats Worship

Two cuddlesome boys doing what they do best

Ginger Cats Two cuddlesome boys

"I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Watchdog Henry was not pleased."

Ginger Cats Henry

1... 2... 3... Catch!

Ginger Cats Catch

So small, but already so serious...

Ginger Cats small kitten

Ginger cats come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of floof...

Ginger Cats fluffy cat

"This is Marx, he is here to seize the means of production."

Ginger Cats Marx

"I will catch you one day, fly!"

Ginger Cats hunting kitten

Suspicious... so suspicious...

Ginger Cats suspicious

A second after they hear the sounds of their favorite treat

Ginger Cats treats

And the last picture is that of this ginger kitty happily basking in the sun

Ginger Cats basking in the sun
Image source: Bored Panda
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