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Not All Animals Are Nice All The Time. LOL.

Not ALL animals are nice. In fact, even the animal kingdom has its bullies, its jokers and those animals that are just annoying to all others. Here are some examples of animals being less than nice.


This cheeky monkey


This raven with no respect for personal property

This behind smacking cat

This cat that won't let the poor dog in

This kicking little goat

This dog that steals from the other dog

This dog that uses its condition to hog all the food

This racoon that won't leave the poor kitty alone

This dolphin that head butts another dolphin

This cat that locks another cat in a box

This chimp that thinks its funny to push others in the water

This parrot that treats a tortoise like garbage

This dog that doesn't mind who he hits with his tail

This mother cat that doesn't like her kitty's new hat

This scumbag crow

This mean cat

This annoying cat

This dog that knew the other dog couldn't make the jump

AND this puppy that thinks there is only room for 2!

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