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Watch This Architecture Pearl in the Island of Hormuz

 Hormuz Island is a tiny Iranian island in the Persian Gulf. It's only 16.2 square miles (42 square kilometers). The island itself has a beautifully diversified terrain, with many different colors and textures of sand. Iranian architecture agency ZAV Architects took after local architect Nader Khalili's technique to create this outstanding architectural wonder called Presence in Hormuz. 
Khalili's technique is called SuperAdobe. It is a process of stacking wet mud bricks to form a structure that not only looks like it's ascending from the land but is actually built from it. As the firm says, "The bags that create the domes are filled with dredged sand from the Hormuz dock as if the land had swelled to produce accommodation space." 
This video below beautifully demonstrates the process in general. Scroll down to watch the project in Hormuz. 

Inside the rooms

Aerial view

A view of the project from the sea

Hormuz's diversified terrain

H/T: Fubiz
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