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Visit Muang Boran in Thailand, a Hidden Open Air Museum!

I am honored to introduce you to Muang Buran, by far the most beautiful museum I have ever seen in my entire life and a major destination on my bucket list. It is a private open-air museum located in the suburbs of Bangkok. The name of the museum translates to "ancient city," and it really is the size of a small city.
Muang Buran was built by the Thai millionaire Lek Viriyaphant. The museum displays famous monuments of Thailand and some other famous Asian monuments on a small scale. Viriyaphant died in 2000, leaving some of the areas of the park still in construction and destined to be completed soon. He was an art and architecture connoisseur, and the museum was originally planned to be a golf course. Viriyaphant quickly realized the educational potential of his project and re-branded the golf course as a museum.
The most incredible thing about this museum is how little known it is! Not many tourists come here since it is far from the urban center of Bangkok, but as you'll see in the article, it is indeed easily accessible and worth the trip! 

How to Reach the Museum

By car: enter from the south entrance. Parking fees are relatively high:

9:00-16:00 – 400 Thai baht (THB) or around 12 USD.
16:00-19:00 – 200 THB or around 6 USD.

By taxi: a taxi from the center of Bangkok is 350 THB (10 USD). Like in New York, you can either pick one up on the street or order one via phone or online. 

By MRT: this stands for Mass Rapid Transit, the metro, and train system of Bangkok. You'll be taking the green line as depicted in the map below. The green line is also called the Skytrain since it is elevated and not underground. Go to the last station at Kheha. Leave at exit No. 1 or 3. From there, take songthaew number 36 (a widely used method of transportation reminiscent of a minibus or a shared taxi), tell the driver your destination, and hop on. To exit the minibus, press the button inside the songthaew, and the driver will stop for you. When you leave, pay the driver. It costs 10 THB (around 30 cents).

By bus: bus number 511 leaves from the center of the city. Ride to Pai Na Fam Chon Khe. From there, hail a taxi or songthaew. 

Bangkok MRT Map:

A Typical Songthaew: 

What to Expect Inside

The city is too large to enjoy on foot! Opt for the free rental bikes you will receive with the entrance tickets. For this, it is best to visit the museum in the afternoon, as the Thai sun and the additional tropical humidity can be overwhelming. In general, it is best to visit Thailand in winter, but when you visit the park, make sure to avoid the rain. 

There are also golf carts you can rent, but for that, you'll need to display an international driving license. The museum also operates two-hour tram rides which are free, but we suggest staying in the city a little longer. There are 4 cycles of the tram ride, and the hours are on display at the entrance and the website. 


Some Additional Information

There isn't a large food court and there aren't many restaurants scattered around the city. That isn't to say there is no food at all at Muang Boran, but we suggest packing a sandwich and some fruits, nuts, and an energy bar. This is so you'll be free to walk around the city without centering your visit around food. There are some snacks on the floating market.

One more tip on that matter: pack a LARGE water bottle for each visitor. There aren't many taps to refill.

What else to pack and keep handy?
A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Keep your passport handy, as you may be required to display it during the visit.
Keep your ticket handy because you are sure to be required to display it numerous times throughout the visit. 
And finally, for additional information, booking, and fees, visit the Museum's Website

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