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15 Adorable Ninja Cats and Their Amusing Adventures

 Nothing, not even the force of gravity, is capable of stopping these determined cats from achieving their goal. “What is their goal?” you ask? No one knows for sure, but a quest for snacks, a mouse chase, and world domination are all equally likely bets. See the unbelievable but extremely amusing ninja moves of 15 felines in this photo collection. Laughs are guaranteed.

1. Hi there!

Ninja Cats kitchen upside down cat

2. "How we found out the cat was stuck in the attic."

Ninja Cats cat stuck in the attic

3. He had to pick the worst place in the entire house for a nap...

Ninja Cats cat in toilet

4. "He does this every time someone is taking a shower."

Ninja Cats cat on shower door

5. This is what happens when your cat finds out she can climb...

Ninja Cats cat sitting on a lamp

6. "Where did all the birds go?"

Ninja Cats cat in bird feeder

7. "How dare you interrupt my slumber with your billiards game?!"

Ninja Cats cat in a billiards table

8. You know the famous cat saying, "If I can fit, I will sit!"

Ninja Cats cat in water bottle package

9. "How many times can I tell you, the folder you're looking for is in the other drawer."

Ninja Cats drawer cat

10. Is it a cat or a glass of milk? We can't tell...

Ninja Cats white cat in a glass bowl

11. I see things didn't precisely go according to plan...

Ninja Cats cat on the door

12. When you nearly mistake your cat for an extra fluffy towel

Ninja Cats cat towel

13. What? How is this possible?!

Ninja Cats cat in the window

14. "Honey, you can stop searching and get the ladder instead. I found our cat."

Ninja Cats cat on a telephone pole

15. What incredible ninja stealth!

Ninja Cats
Source of all images: Bored Panda
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