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Here Are 17 Sidesplitting Signs to Make Your Day!

 Noticing funny signs in the wild is one of our favorite pastimes as we run errands, go shopping, and wait in traffic. After seeing these gems, you’ll understand why. All 17 of these public signs actually exist in this world. And we’re sure that the people who wrote them were trying to be informative and helpful, but all they did was make everyone who reads these signs laugh out loud. So a special thank you to the authors of these hilarious signs for making us all laugh and smile!

1. Read this one until the very end...

Funny Signs lost spouse

2. We finally found Jurassic Park!

Funny Signs lose raptors

3. Now this is my kind of neighborhood!

Funny Signs easy lazy intersection

4. We're pretty sure most people prefer wearing their faces as well...

Funny Signs wear face

5. Well, that's too bad because we're really craving one right now!

Funny Signs drivers without burritos

6. Stop riding that duck right now, can't you see it's forbidden?!

Funny Signs duck riding

7. A very dangerous and mysterious place this is...

Funny Signs danger due to danger

8. Good for you! But what can we do with all that information?

Funny Signs my neighbor has a dog

9. Common sense isn't so common, it seems...

Funny Signs don't step into volcano

10. Best place name ever!

Funny Signs gooberville

11. The laws of physics are powerless in this place!

Funny Signs speed -5

12. What the...?!

Funny Signs adopt a hyena

13. This movie theater would really benefit from just a little lesson in punctuation.

Funny Signs suicide squad

14. Fair enough...

Funny Signs swim at your own risk

15. Is it just us, or does the "David-19 situation" sound even more ominous than Covid-19?

Funny Signs David-19 situation

16. Bold claim!

Funny Signs secrets

17. A perfect example of how you "should" use quotation marks...

Funny Signs quotation mark covid
Source of all images: Acid Cow
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