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20 Sidesplitting Signs That Have the Word Order All Wrong!

We said it before and we will say it again - writing signs is not as simple as it seems. And while we already pointed out how spelling and grammar can ruin a sign or how improper spacing can result in some hilariously misconstrued sentences, we are here to showcase another common issue we see on signs - word order mistake. If you thought that the previous “bad English” sign fails we posted were funny, wait until you see these 20 hilarious signs!

1. Are sports events in New Zealand always so understated? 

Funny Signs basketball match New Zealand

2. I don't know if I should be excited to save money or alarmed...

Funny Signs  guaranteed reduced quality

3. Now that just doesn't sound like fair competition, does it?

Funny Signs women kickboxing kids

4. Well, if there's anything that's guaranteed to distract drivers on the road, it's this sign!

Funny Signs mobile and driving

5. Quick, don't display, eat only!

Funny Signs don't display, eat only!

6. A sign written specifically for bees is kind of counterproductive... Oh, wait...

Funny Signs bees

7. Stop Earth? I'm not sure that this sign says what it was meant to say...

Funny Signs stop earth

8. Jesus Scares? Oh my...

Funny Signs Jesus Scares

9. Writing horizontally from left to right? Never heard of it...

Funny Signs teachers

10. This specimen is the peak of contradictory messaging

Funny Signs be afraid to give blood

11. You and We, let's dip dip!

Funny Signs dip dip

12. This should be illegal...

Funny Signs christmas

13. This sign literally says, "If you were in a car would you know what accident to do?"

Funny Signs If you were in a car would you know what accident to do?

14. It's all Greek to me!

Funny Signs school supplies

15. What does this festive cipher say?

Funny Signs merry christmas

16. Someone's gonna regret their tattoo...

Funny Signs tattoo

17. Enroll your Russian child now!

Funny Signs Enroll your Russian child now

18. Today in cinema: there will definitely be blood maybe...

Funny Signs cinema

19. 'Cheese disease' sounds terrible!

Funny Signs Cheese disease

20. This last one is just RUDE

Funny Signs
Source of all images: DDOI/ Reddit
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