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Owners Compare Their Dogs to Other Things & It’s Hilarious!

 The imaginativeness of people on the internet never ceases to amaze us. This time, the Facebook group named The Dogspotting Society came up with a hilarious viral challenge that requires dog owners to show what other animal, object, fictional character, or person their beloved pet resembles the most. Thousands of people already entered this dog lookalike contest, and as always, the entries did not disappoint and made us roar with laugher! Here are 19 of the most hilarious entries.

1. "Titan the Husky Shark"

Dog Lookalikes Titan the Husky Shark
Image Source: Tayler Hill

2. "I'm convinced I have a meerkat, not a dachshund"

Dog Lookalikes I'm convinced I have a meerkat, not a dachshund
Image Source: Cami Stebane

3. One of those is a dog, I'm told, but I don't know which one...

4. Two little brothers

Dog Lookalikes Two little brothers
Image Source: Kelsey Prichard

5. No Christmas in this house!

Dog Lookalikes Grinch
Image Source: Beth Barlett

6. "Darwin & Mini Moo"

7. Mr. Jones, the extraterrestrial doggo

Dog Lookalikes Mr. Jones
Image Source: Mary Martinez

8. Hairrison Furd, nice to meet you

Dog Lookalikes Hairrison Furd
Image Source: Erica Santos

9. It's all in the expressions...

Dog Lookalikes expressions
Image Source: Kate Shopper

10. How does it feel to live with a dog genius?

Dog Lookalikes Einstein
Image Source: Grace Katherine

11. Maggie looks like a little roasted jacket potato when she's asleep in her dog bed

Dog Lookalikes roasted jacket potato
Image Source: Kim Massey Williams

12. Dog or Chewbacca?

13. Which one's the dog and which is a little seal?

Dog Lookalikes Which one's the dog and which is the baby seal?
Image Source: Judy Fletcher

14. Who's a little baby hippo?

Dog Lookalikes  baby hippo
Image Source: Kristen Horn

15. "Krystoff looks like Richard Gere"

Dog Lookalikes Krystoff looks like Richard Gere
Image Source: Kimberly Collopy

16. Bella and Dobby from Harry Potter

Dog Lookalikes Bella and Dobby from Harry Potter
Image Source: Autumn VerDuin

17. Two baby seals posing for a photo

Dog Lookalikes baby seals posing for a photo
Image Source: Kelly McCaffrey

18. Sid from Ice Age and his real-life doppelganger

Dog Lookalikes Sid from Ice Age and his real life doppelganger
Image Source: Forest Lehrman

19. The resemblance is uncanny

Dog Lookalikes bike seat
Image Source: Bryan Albright
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