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12 Eye-Opening Comparisons That Make Us Feel Really Tiny

 As the French philosopher Auguste Comte once famously noted, "Everything is relative; and only that is absolute". In our everyday lives, we tend to forget about this all-encompassing relativity in the universe, as we're so used to seeing things practically and just from our own perspectives. However, there are those moments of clarity when we suddenly realize that we are but a speck of dust in the universe, a tiny mouse compared to the glory of nature, which is a truly humbling experience, we must admit.
This is exactly what these 12 fascinating photos below made us contemplate, as they compare ordinary people to various large objects, like the feather of a bald eagle, a blade of a windmill, or a whale shark. Scroll through to see just how small humans look in the grand scheme of things.

1. This leaf is literally larger than a human

Comparison Photos life sized leaf
Image Source: C.A. Sid Ferreira

2. Two ordinary people with the real-life statue of the world’s tallest man, Robert Wadlow, who was 8’ 11’’ and weighed 490 pounds

3. "Never realized how big these blades for the windmills really are"

Comparison Photos blades for the windmills
Image Source: Reddit

4. This is one impressive sunflower!

Comparison Photos sunflower
Image Source: Reddit

5. Bears may be cute and fluffy, but they're also huge!

Comparison Photos Bears
Image Source: Flickr

6. "I had no idea cacti could grow to be that tall!"

Comparison Photos cactus
Image Source: Reddit

7. This is probably how a cat feels on a regular couch

Comparison Photos couch
Image Source: Instagram

8. It took me some time to find the person! 

9. A diver next to a whale shark

Comparison Photos A diver next to a whale shark
Image Source: Flickr

10. These enormous groundsels can be found on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa

Comparison Photos enormous groundsels

11. This girl looks like a tiny ant surrounded with trees so tall and rocks so mighty

Comparison Photos tree and rocks
Image Source: Reddit

12. A bald eagle’s tail feather and primary wing feather, just imagine the size of the bird!

Comparison Photos a bald eagle’s tail feather and primary wing feather
Image Source: Reddit


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