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These Incredible Images All Prove That Nature Is Glorious!

 We've all been spending a lot of time indoors lately, so we thought that we could all use a reminder of the glory and power of mother nature. After all, it's the most powerful force on the planet that created everything we know, including humans. That said, we often forget that we're part of nature, hiding behind concrete walls in cities across the globe. So let's admire the power of nature worldwide through 16 fascinating images and feel more connected with nature!

1. This old roller coaster was reclaimed by nature

Nature Photos roller coaster
Image Source: izismile

2. A stingray diving under a wave

Nature Photos A stingray diving under a wave
Image Source: Reddit

3. This petrified opal tree trunk in Holbrook, Arizona, is about 225 million years old!

Nature Photos petrified opal tree trunk in Holbrook, Arizona
Image Source: acidcow

4. The endangered Kea from New Zealand is the only alpine parrot in the world

Nature Photos Kea from New Zealand
Image Source: Reddit
5. A frozen waterfall in the South Tyrol Alps, Italy
Nature Photos A frozen waterfall in the South Tyrol Alps, Italy
Image Source: Reddit

6. A grapefruit Rhodochrosite crystal from Argentina created by three stalactite cores growing together

Nature Photos grapefruit Rhodochrosite crystal from Argentina
Image Source: acidcow

7. An especially chubby Boabab Tree

Nature Photos Boabab Tree
Image Source: Reddit

8. Mammatus clouds over Germany

Nature Photos Mammatus clouds
Image Source: acidcow

9. A rainbow and lightning side by side in Arizona

Nature Photos A rainbow and lightning side by side in Arizona
Image Source: Reddit

10. The eastern redbud tree (Cercis canadensis) has leaves shaped and positioned as if they're blurred

Nature Photos The eastern redbud tree (Cercis canadensis)
Image Source: acidcow

11. Roots embracing a concrete wall

Nature Photos Roots embracing a concrete wall
Image Source: izismile

12. A rainbow cloud behind an ordinary cloud

Nature Photos A rainbow cloud
Image Source: Reddit

13. A King Cheetah (on the right), a rare color mutation, with only 6 known cases ever recorded in the wild

Nature Photos  King Cheetah
Image Source: acidcow
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14. A Koroit opal, Queensland, Australia

Nature Photos Koroit opal from Queensland Australia
Image Source: acidcow

15. A damaged tree trunk revived through three new trees

Nature Photos tree trunk turns into 3 trees
Image Source: izismile

16. A sleeping whale

Nature Photos A sleeping whale
Image Source: acidcow
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