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These Aromatic Roses Will Brighten Up Your Garden

Having a bunch of beautiful roses in a garden can certainly be a feast to the eyes. However, growing roses in your garden won’t just add beauty to it. Their pleasant aroma can brighten up any place and fill your garden with a whole variety of irresistible smells. Do you wish to have a variety of roses in your garden so that it always gives off delightful whiffs that intoxicate your senses? Then you simply must take a look at this list of several intensely fragrant rose varieties that will flood your garden area with delightful smells.

1. Double Delight

Intensely Fragrant Roses, Double Delight
One of the most beautiful bi-colored roses in the world, the 'Double Delight' is a terrific Hybrid Tea rose that was bred from the red and yellow Granada (a Hybrid Tea), and the ivory-colored Garden Party (another Hybrid Tea). It is an extremely fragrant rose that is known for its intense spicy aroma. Double Delight stands out because its double flowers feature vibrant creamy-white petals along with the lightly rippled, strawberry-red petal edges.
This rose will bring life to any garden and it is also the perfect flower for exhibitions because of its brilliant colors and strong scents. Ideally, the flower should be planted in the front of your yard, along the fence. Double Delight is a must for any serious rose garden as it is stunning to the eye and the nose. 

2. Fragrant Plum

Intensely Fragrant Roses, Fragrant Plum
Image source - Wikimedia Commons
This is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and it is a cherished addition to every rose garden because of its unique color combination which is generally a mauve or purple blend. Apart from its natural beauty, though, the 'Fragrant Plum' is known for its strong, fruity fragrance. The scent of the flower is so strong that it spreads a marvelous and elegant aroma around it.
Initially, the Fragrant Plum develops long and attractive buds. They gradually develop into large, elegant blossoms with lavender coloration at the center which are edged with plum-purple petals on the outside.

3. Honey Perfume

Intensely Fragrant Roses honey perfume
Image source - Wikimedia Commons
The 'Honey Perfume' flower, like its name suggests, is intensely fragrant. It is rich in a honey-hued or appealing apricot flavor and exudes a sweet spice that lingers with you for a long time after you have smelled the beautiful rose. This cluster-flowered rose carries big clusters of apricot-yellow blossoms, with each blossom having 25 to 30 petals.
The plant of this flower has dark green foliage with glossy leaves. It looks extremely pretty with a green background and its fruity smell along with scrumptious colors makes for a delightful addition to your garden.

4. Royal Highness

Intensely Fragrant Roses,  Royal Highness
Image source - Wikimedia Commons
With such a regal-sounding name, you would expect the 'Royal Highness' flower to be something exotic. It is indeed a quality rose with classic, long pointed buds that unfurl into high centered, exhibition-style blooms of beautiful porcelain pink. While you may have seen many pink flowers, the warmer color of this rose really appeals to the eye. In fact, hardly any other rose in the hybrid tea category has such a gorgeous pink coloration. In fact, some say its soft pink blossoms have a soothing effect.
This upright, bushy plant grows best in sunny climates and has a strong and sweet tea fragrance. It blooms in flushes throughout the season and can be used for cut flowers or gardens.

5. Heritage

Intensely Fragrant Roses, Heritage
Image source - Wikimedia Commons
One of the most planted of all English roses, Heritage is an incredibly attractive flower that has a very pleasant and strong fragrance. Its scent has a delicious blend of lemon, honey, and carnation. This classic-cup shaped rose is quite delicate and has lovely, soft pink blossoms. Heritage is also popular because of its near-perfect shape and soft, pacifying pink color.
This is a perfect rose to place near a walkway as it generally blooms throughout the season. Heritage is hence a very healthy and robust rose, flowering over a long period with elegantly-shaped, scented blooms.

6. Lady Emma Hamilton

Intensely Fragrant Roses, Lady Emma Hamilton
Image source - Wikimedia Commons
This unique looking flower has a strong, fruity scent with hints of pear, grape, and citrus fruits. The blooms of the 'Lady Emma Hamilton' rose flower are tangerine-colored with yellow-orange outer petals. It blooms in flushes throughout the season and can be used for cut flower, garden or shrub. These roses are held against dark, bronzy green trees that gradually become dark green with age.
Lady Emma Hamilton should find a space in your garden as it is very floriferous in addition to being exceptionally fragrant and attractive because of its exotic orange color. It will be the best alternative for the border in your garden bed.

7. Secret 

Intensely Fragrant Roses, Secret
Image source - Wikimedia Commons
The exquisitely aromatic 'Secret' rose is a very healthy low-keep Hybrid Tea flower that is a tall, strong, free bloomer. It offers an intensely spicy and sweet fragrance. This is another exhibition quality flower that has a blend of creamy yellow petals flushed with a bluish pink color. The blossoms of this flower are carried mostly solitary on almost thornless stems and it blooms abundantly from spring to fall. 
This is a very vigorous flower and has a marvelous bushy growth habit and lush foliage. Another benefit of the Secret rose is that it is head and shade resistant, and also has great disease resistance.

8. Sunsprite

Intensely Fragrant Roses, Sunsprite
Image source - Wikimedia Commons
'Sunsprite' is definitely one of the best yellow roses in the world. This is a compact variety of floribunda rose that exhibits a strikingly deep, yellow color which can last a lifetime. These bright golden-yellow flowers bloom continuously from late spring into fall and would fit in nicely with your cutting garden. 
While the vibrant yellow color is the highlight of the Sunsprite rose, its strong, super sweet fragrance makes it a charming little flower. It is also an easy to grow rose and its large, fully double blooms generally have more than 50 pink petals. Its brilliant, deep yellowish color doesn’t fade and will easily stand out in your garden amongst all the other plants and even against healthy foliage of light green leaves. Sunsprite will be wonderful for beds and borders and also makes a handsome flowering hedge.

9. Louise Odier

Intensely Fragrant Roses, Louise Odier
Image source - Wikimedia Commons
Regarded as one of the most beautiful bourbon roses in the world, 'Louise Odier' is a richly fragrant rose with lovely bright pink colors, shaded with lilac. It is also considered the best cutting flower plant you can grow in your garden. The blossoms of Louise Odier are clustered and have an intense aroma. They have a charming deep pink coloration with 25-55 petals. These roses bloom at first in June and again throughout the summer. The Louise Odier rose is perfect for a mixed or shrub border and can even be trained as a low climber.
To fully savor and appreciate this strongly perfumed flower, choose a site close to a house entrance or path.
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