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You Can Never Predict What Nature Has Up Its Sleeves

Nature never ceases to surprise us. If you look around closely, you are likely to come across curious examples of nature’s unpredictability. For instance, you could find a spherical egg, or you may encounter a pink grasshopper! No, we aren’t making things up. Check out these astonishing photos and see for yourself. These amazing examples once again show how nature can be both wonderful and bewildering at the same time.

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1. This is what standing at the base of a giant sequoia tree looks like. Also known as Sierra redwoods, these trees can grow to be about 30 feet (9 meters) in diameter and more than 250 feet (76 m) tall. They are found primarily in California.

Wonders of Nature, giant sequoia tree

2. When a chicken laid a spherical egg...

Wonders of Nature, spherical egg

3. Look at the colors on this phalaenopsis orchid!

Wonders of Nature, phalaenopsis orchid

4. Have you ever seen such a peculiar strawberry before?

Wonders of Nature, strawberry

5. This might be one of the tiniest lizards in the world

Wonders of Nature, agamid

6. This acorn looks like a little hedgehog

Wonders of Nature, acorn

7. A pink rainbow during a sunrise

Wonders of Nature, rainbow

8. A giant puffball mushroom from Wisconsin

Wonders of Nature, mushroom

9. A bug that looks just like cinnamon bark

Wonders of Nature, bug

10. No, that's not a basketball with Nike's logo on it. It's a watermelon!

Wonders of Nature, watermelon

11. This plant has its flower in the middle of the leaf

Wonders of Nature, plant

12. A group of Indian pipes, also called ghost plants, corpse plants, convulsion roots, or ghost pipes. These plants can sometimes be completely waxy white.

Wonders of Nature, ghost plant

13. Have you ever seen a pink grasshopper? They get their unique color due to a genetic mutation called erythrism

Wonders of Nature, pink grasshopper

14. A jade vine growing on a mango tree. This amazing climber produces large chains of turquoise flowers.

Wonders of Nature,  jade vine

15. This potato looks like some sort of alien forest

Wonders of Nature, potato 
All images source: Izismile
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