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15 Warming Soup Recipes

 When the weather gets gloomy and cold, we all need a little extra self-care, indulgence, and warmth. This is especially true when it comes to food: everyone starts craving creamy, indulgent and warming dishes like curries, stews and especially soup. If the cold days are upon you and you’re ready to treat yourself with a special, yet very healthy meal, prepare one of these 15 scrumptious and warming soups:

1. Avocado, Chicken, Tortilla Soup
2. Turmeric, Tomato & Black Pepper Soup
3. Broccoli Soup
4. Tuscan White Bean & Kale Soup
5. Tomato and Shrimp Soup
6. French Onion Soup
7. Curried Pumpkin Soup
8. Lentil Soup
9. Green Pea Soup
10. Nettle Soup
11. Butternut Squash Soup
12. Thai Coconut Soup
13. Pressure Cooker Wild Life Soup
14. Black Bean Soup
15. Tortellini Minestrone Soup
Avocados are incredibly nutritious and delicious fruit. Their creamy texture can be used for recipes across the board. But, have you ever considered adding avocados to your soup? This avocado, chicken and tortilla soup is wonderful and satisfying. And as you are about to see, it is incredibly easy to make too. 

This simple soup is not only full of deliciously fresh flavors that will give you that fuzzy warmed up feeling of safety, but it’s also an unbelievably healthy dish that can reduce the risks of cancer and stave of dangerous inflammations. You can get all this with help from 3 key ingredients: turmeric, tomatoes and black pepper. This could be the golden combination that your health has been calling for all year. 

I love a bowl of hot soup, whether it's a hot or cold day. Creamy broccoli soup is one of my all-time favorite recipes and I thought I'd share it with you. Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it is also very healthy as it has cancer-fighting properties.

4. Tuscan White Bean & Kale Soup

If the idea of cooking up a healthy soup for dinner makes your stomach rumble (as in the type of rumble that asks, "How many slices of bread am I going to need to have with this to actually satisfy my hunger?") - then you should think again. This Tuscan white bean and kale soup is as hearty as it is healthy. Furthermore, it only takes 40 minutes to make.
This delicious brothy soup has the power to bring you back to summer - thanks to its tomato and basil goodness - yet it's perfect for cooler days too, thanks to the tomato paste and nice dose of red pepper flakes. The shrimp gives you a light dosage of protein and adds a seafood stew-like quality to the pot, while the pasta rounds everything out and makes this a meal in a bowl.
There is nothing more comforting on a cold day than a steamy bowl of delicious French onion soup. Especially when it's full of caramelized onions and topped off with a thick slice of toasted bread loaded with mouth-watering melted cheese.
Curried pumpkin soup is an absolute classic, but this recipe takes it up a notch by using homemade curry powder which is such a huge step up from the shop-bought stuff. Freshly ground whole spices are intensely more fragrant and flavorsome than pre-ground spices, which go stale quickly when sitting there on the shelf.
Lentils are healthy, meaty-tasting, and cook a lot faster than their leguminous cousins, beans. Therefore, they are perfect when it comes to making a filling and flavorsome vegetarian soup, especially when mixed with aromatic veggies such as celery, carrot, and onions, plus tomatoes and spinach for that extra kick of flavor and vitamins.
Fresh green pea soup is a vibrantly-colored soup that comes with a unique flavor and creamy texture that you will thoroughly enjoy. Not only is it extremely tasty, but it is also very easy to make and can be made in next to no time. The onions give it a nice, spicy touch, while the potatoes and milk help to give it its creamy texture.

Many of us probably wouldn't consider stinging nettles to be edible, but the fact of the matter is that they make an excellent soup when paired alongside shallots, celery, and potatoes. This is one soup dish that you should definitely try!

Smooth and silky butternut squash soup is a must-have for cold weather. The secret to making the best butternut squash soup you have ever had is to roast the squash until deeply browned and caramelized in the oven, then purée it with a base of browned butter and sautéed onions. A dollop of sour cream, cinnamon, nutmeg-spiced whipped cream, and frizzled sage makes this a wintertime classic.
If you’re a fan of soups, then you’re going to love this fragrant and delicious Thai coconut soup. In fact, we will even go as far as to say that it will become one of your favorite soup dishes to make! Try it out, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.
As winter approaches, many of us start thinking about cooking dishes that are a little warmer and heartier than those we would eat in the summertime, and this pressure cooker wild rice soup recipe satisfies those needs perfectly! What more could you want? Here’s the recipe.
Soup season is here! This black bean soup with cumin seed cream is a hearty and healthy dish to serve up this winter, but it is good to eat any time of the year. Black beans are widely noted for their benefits to digestion and colon health, and cumin is a smoky, potent spice that will give your soup a great extra kick!
There is nothing that says winter and cozying up by the fire more than soup! One of the best and heartiest soups you can make for yourself, friends and family is Italian minestrone. It is full of vegetables, smoky bacon and yummy pasta - practically a complete meal! Here is a twist on the traditional minestrone using tortellini pasta and healthy kale. Enjoy!
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