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Joke: The Monkey Mission

 A man is driving to the zoo in his van with a delivery of monkeys.

When his van suddenly breakes down. He sees another man with a van so he flags him down and explains his situation;

"Please help me" he says, "my van has broken down. Take these monkeys to the zoo for me and I'll give you 200 bucks."

The man accepts his offer, loads the monkeys into his van and drives off towards the zoo. About an hour later, the first man is still waiting for someone to come repair his van when he sees the second man driving back down the road away from the zoo with all the monkeys still in the van.

joke monkeys

"What are you doing?" Says the first man, " I told you to take them to the zoo! I gave you 50 quid!"

"I did take them to the zoo" says the second man, "but we had some money left over so I thought I'd take them to see a movie as well"



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