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The Best of English Translation Fails

 One of the major perks of a global market is that more and more businesses abroad try to accommodate an international clientele, but an even bigger perk is when they try to do that and fail hilariously. Here are some of the most glaring English-fails courtesy of businesses that did their absolute best:


1. English grammar can be hard

Wow I really didn't think the send would be successed, phew! from r/engrish

2. And what am I supposed to do with this information?

Absolutely. from r/engrish

3. When you can’t tell the toilet from the post office

Ladies and MALEMAN from r/engrish

4. Why have drinking fountains when you can have drinking pools?

Who needs fountains? from r/engrish

5. Way too deep for me

We must trust to divine providence, kind sir. from r/engrish

6. I’d rather not, thanks

Sense me from r/engrish




7. The very steak, in the flesh

Can confirm that the steak was very. from r/engrish

8. Long story short, you may die

Thanks you for the upvote from r/engrish

9. At least they TRIED to correct it

That’s why you don’t smoke from r/engrish

10. Heroically delicious

Enjoy the delicious! from r/engrish

11. Considering this was found in Canada, “sorry” sounds about right

Found in a Toronto area supermarket. Look at the ingredients, read them carefully from r/engrish

12. The cold what now?

Call of the Wild copy I saw at Goodwill from r/CrappyDesign

13. Umm… what?

Ingenious things. from r/engrish

14. This does not look age-appropriate

Found this on my little brother's toy from r/engrish

15. Dan Quayle is rolling in his- oh, wait, he’s still alive

Potoatoes. Nice job. from r/onejob

16. Are those instructions? A warning?

Cereal bread from r/engrish

17. Oh, yum!

Gotta try some... from r/engrish

Image source: Karl Baron 

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