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10 Weird Foods That We Discovered In 2018

 Have you ever wanted to try blue ramen, or bread that comes out of a can? Admittedly, maybe the latter doesn't sound all that appealing, however, such oddities provide a great source of intrigue for many. Here are 10 of the weirdest foods that we discovered in 2018: 

1. Beer Ramen 

A Japanese restaurant in Vancouver serves the beer ramen you see above. The idea came to the dish’s creator during a very hot summer. It’s just ordinary ramen, only that’s it’s served chilled in a mug. The froth that you see at the top is made of gelatin and egg whites.

2. Chips with weird flavors 

If you want to try bizarre snacks, then you should definitely head to Asia. Yogurt or cola-flavored chips, anyone? Perhaps you fancy cherry blossom flavor instead? There are even Pringles that are supposed to taste of water!

3. Chili sauce with shrimp and fish 

Need we say more?

4. Green caviar 

Although it could easily be mistaken for green caviar (if there was such a thing), Caulerpa Lentillifera is a species of bryopsidales, green algae from coastal regions well-known in the Philippines and Vietnam. It’s usually served raw with vinegar. It’s highly nutritional and is believed to prevent heart attacks.

5. Cheese-flavored fish sausage 

One of the weirdest snacks on our list hails from South Korea. Interesting or just plain gross?

6. Flower and blueberry dessert pizza 

Despite looking very much like a piece of art, this pizza is 100% edible. Perhaps it would be a shame to eat it…

7. Canned bread 

This canned bread hails from New England, and it’s supposed to be a ready-made dish made from natural ingredients. Pop it in the microwave if you prefer eating it warm, and try it with butter, jam or cream cheese.

8. Cosmic-looking ramen 

This blue and green ramen can be found in a restaurant in Tokyo. It’s very low in fat and has a delicate taste. Chicken is used instead of pork, together with an egg and fresh greens. The dish’s color comes from a natural pigment extracted from spirulina algae.

9. Mint chocolate cake

Mint chocolates are a dime a dozen, but a mint chocolate cake is something else altogether. This particular mint chocolate cake can be picked up not far outside London, and people say it’s delicious.

10. Vegetarian mock pork 

No – we don’t know what it’s made of or how it tastes, nor are we sure that we want to. However, if you want to give it a go and let us know what it’s like, feel free to drop us an email!
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