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27 Utterly Hilarious "You Had One Job" Fails

 Some photos just leave you thinking how on Earth someone managed to get something so wrong, and the 27 hilarious photos you're about to see below are no exception. Here are 27 of the funniest "you had one job" and design fails that you're likely to ever see: 
1. A well-placed bench. 
2. Please move the cone next time you mow the lawn! 
3. That's not what they're called... 
4. Jesus popped in yesterday. 
5. A perfectly-executed drain. 
6. Such big continents are easy to get confused. 
7. The message wasn't clear enough. 
8. Which position did you finish in again? 
9. Excellent installation you did there. 
10. Nope, that's not right. 
11. Yeah, sure - you did a fantastic job, pal. 
12. Yep. Perfect. 
13. The cyclists have a lot more space now. 
14. Did you forget to put in the headline there?
15. He really put a fork in it.  
16. Are you sure that's the right way round? 
17. These will help to facilitate your love. 
18. Mixed signals are just so confusing. 
19. The false escalator. 
20. The liquid diet. 
21. How did this happen? 
22. That's not what the band is called, man. 
23. Popcorn is a great way to cool down a soda. 
24. Perfect! 
25. You had ONE job...
26. Just a regular service. 
27. If you're a perfectionist, you might get anxiety when viewing this. 
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