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7 Character Traits of People with Strong Personalities

 Many think and believe that character traits are established at birth, and evidence - they argue – is that while some people are blessed with a generous sense of humor and charisma, others have to cope with a lack of these qualities and find them impossible to achieve. In fact, this negative attitude takes all the many virtues and good things in each of us for granted and convinces us to not find ways to develop and improve our personalities.


However, you should know that this is fundamentally wrong since character traits are definitely something you can acquire, whether surprisingly easy or through hard work, but the most important thing is to be aware of it and try. Therefore, we’ve listed seven character traits that people with strong personalities have, and strongly recommend that even if you don’t possess them naturally – you try to develop them using the tips and advice below.

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1. Self-confidence

People with high self-confidence always have an advantage over those who regularly hesitate and doubt themselves, because people who demonstrate strong will and assertiveness serve as an example and inspiration for others, and so, they can easily take control of different situations. According to all studies and surveys on the subject, self-confident people earn more than those who do not carry this feature, as well as climb the corporate ladder faster.

A great way for you to feel more confident is to practice it! First of all, try the following 10 tricks designed to increase your sense of self-confidence, along with increasing your concentration and total control over your body - all of which will promote both emotional and physical stability. Do not give in to the perception that it is the responses of others that need to determine your behavior, and do not feel the need to seek approval and acceptance of others for every step you take. Self-confident people control their own lives and take personal responsibility for their actions.

2. A sense of humor

"Laughter is good for the heart" is a well-known cliché, but it has quite a bit of truth since good laughter can free us from stress and help us see the positive side of things and communicate with others. Therefore, people tend to like those who have a sense of humor and want to be close to witty and amusing people, who also have fun and can laugh at themselves and their failures without feeling bad.

To develop this trait, you need to stop taking things too seriously. Look around you and notice how people react to others' comments about them with some kind of joke or grace rather than taking them to heart, and how such conversations, spiced with humor, eventually become pleasant. Do not be offended by every little thing and learn how to laugh about the situation and yourself - it can also strengthen your associative thinking since jokes are based on wordplay.

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3. The ability to say "No!"

The inability to respond negatively to other people's requests is labeled as a sign of low self-confidence. Moreover, people who are always willing to help others don’t always experience the reciprocation they deserve, because unfortunately, always saying yes and lending a helping hand isn’t really appreciated, and is often considered just normal behavior. Any situation in which a person gives more than they receive or gives others something that even they lack can create a feeling of stress and discomfort.

Therefore, know that you are allowed to say "no" in almost every situation in your life. Don’t be afraid that your refusal will hurt the person asking since you are probably not the only one in the world who can help them. The blessed ability to say no to other’s repeated requests will also help you get rid of people who are taking advantage of your kindness and is therefore very positive.

4. Hard work

Despite widespread misconceptions, most high-performing workers don’t actually work too much, however, they do work correctly. To get better results and demonstrate your many skills, try to disconnect completely from the various instant messaging programs, put your phone on vibrate and don’t listen to music if it distracts you. Invest yourself completely in the task you need to complete.

Like the famous saying goes "with food, comes appetite" so with work, comes inspiration. When you are stuck in a routine in which you jump between different activities, hopping between work and distractions, it makes it difficult for your brain to focus on the main task ahead of you - and when you assume that everything that is difficult for your brain to process is unpleasant, the motivation disappears and you are sucked into a place that isn‘t positive nor vital.

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5. The ability to read others

Many think that being able to read others' thoughts is a kind of superpower that only extraordinary people have, but that's not the truth - all you need to understand how others think is to know how to read them. In order to understand what motivates other people and understand what the reasons behind their behavior are, consider not only what they say but also what they do while talking to you: where are they looking, what makes them smile, what facial expressions are they making, and what are their hands doing during the conversation?

These are all small clues you need to know to put together, making it easier for you to discover what they’re really thinking.  This body language guide will help you understand all these non-verbal cues.


6. The ability to attract other people

Some people have a truly captivating personal charm, so much so that everyone seems to love them and want to be near them. These people have charisma, and contrary to popular belief that only few are blessed with this trait, it can, in fact, be developed. There are a number of qualities that you need to be irresistible, but first be consistent with the following: When talking to someone, try to make eye contact with them - look into the person's eyes with real calm and serenity and don’t forget to smile! Charismatic people are able to listen to others and be in the same "mind-frame" as they are – so, while having a conversation, don’t rush to talk about yourself and remember that it is better to ask questions and to be interested first in the person in front of you.

Do not repress your feelings - if someone is being aggressive toward you, show them clearly that you don’t appreciate it. You can do this by interrupting the conversation or abruptly cutting it off and changing the subject instead of giving a long lecture about how hurt you are. Alternatively, if a person opens up to you and expresses him or herself to you, don’t be afraid to open up to them as well, since honesty and openness should respond accordingly. For more tips on how to make the world see you differently, click here.

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7. The ability to control physical reactions

Self-control is the personal ability to control emotions and behavior, which helps many achieve their goals. This control is absolutely necessary if you want rewarding personal relationships and a successful career. Self-control helps you stay balanced, restrained and maintain inner and outer peace. In order to develop this useful feature, you must learn how to understand and even determine your feelings.

Increased heart palpitations, tense and stiff muscles and depletion, or alternatively, increase in energy or hunger are all signs of anxiety. You can calm yourself with breathing exercises to relieve tension or using the following 20 tips, but also by adopting a simple, pleasant morning routine that will keep you away from anxiety. With all these tools in your arsenal, you can develop self-control that will help you to gather yourself and produce measured and moderate reactions in response to irritating situations, such as impatience or being yelled at by others.

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