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What Does Your Greatest Fear Say About You?

When we face our greatest fears, we learn a lot about ourselves and can even glimpse our future. Usually, in this kind of test you would be asked to choose the photo you prefer, but this time you will need to select the photo you’d prefer to avoid and which passage you’d never enter. Make your choice and find out what it says about you.


Choose the passage you fear the most, and learn what it says about you...

What Does Your Greatest Fear Say About You?

1. Ice Cave

If the Ice Cave scares you the most, it means you’re always searching for warmth in your life. You despise the thought of being alone, and loneliness is probably the greatest source of frustration in your life.

However, fear of the ice cave can also be a positive thing. It means you’re in a good place in your life. If you’re single, it may be the time to enter a cave and pass through it, but instead of freezing to death in the Ice Cave, you may need to find a warm and inviting cave to explore with someone. If you’re in a relationship, then you’re already in your warm cave, and that’s why the Ice Cave scares you so much.

2. Dilapidated Building

If you’re scared of entering the dilapidated building, you’re probably feeling strong and confident. However, you probably put too much thought into things that bother you, so a little spontaneity wouldn’t hurt.

It may be time to break down the crumbling walls you’ve built around you throughout the years. These walls prevent you from going to where you wish to be in life. Open yourself to new experiences and build the life you want to live.


3. Deep Well

If the deep well sends chills down your spine, it shows you’re afraid of the unknown. It’s hard to know what’s down there, and if you fall in, it’ll be very difficult to get out. This means you’re a cautious person, so much sometimes that you are too afraid to jump at opportunities out of fear of failing because you’re afraid that if you fail, no one will come and save you.

It is time to take a deep breath and recapture your confidence, so you can realize your dreams. Remember that you have friends and family who’ll help you whenever you need them if you just give them the chance.


4. Descending Stairwell

If these stairs feel like a scene from a horror movie, it probably means that you love life and wish to enjoy all it has to offer. The darkness inside reminds you of a tomb and symbolizes your fear of the next step in your life.

Ask yourself if there was a big change recently that scares you? Make sure you figure out why it makes you so afraid, which will help you face it.


5. Dark Tunnel

If the Dark Tunnel sends a chill down your spine, it means you should embark on a journey between your soul, body, and mind. The murky waters that cover the floor represent the lack of clarity in your thoughts, and the darkness symbolizes the unknown in your future.

It is time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You should spend some quality time with yourself, and find out what it is that you truly want. Draw a hot bath, get in, and give yourself some time to reflect on life. It’s a great way to meditate and focus on your inner thoughts and needs.


6. Rickety Shack

If the Rickety Shack feels like a nightmare to you, you probably have a lot of love to share. Your home is where your heart is and you know it, which is why a broken home feels like a broken heart.

Remember that life is never easy and will always require hard work in order to get what you truly want. Work on your relationships and put effort into keeping them how you’d like them to be.


7. Hole in the Ground

If you fear what you might find in that Hole in the Ground, it may be because you don’t know what you want from life. Being underground might symbolize an idea or a part of you that you should bring up to the surface, which scares you.

Try writing down your ideas and what you think they mean. Search your feelings and don’t be afraid to dig deep. This is the only way to find the treasure hidden inside you.


8. The Door With the Blue Bars

If passing through the door with the blue bars frightens you, you may be afraid of being in a dark, confined space. The blue represents the sky and the sea, which are wide, open spaces. Once you walk into the dark, however, the door may shut, leaving you in the dark. This may mean you’re too hard on yourself.

You’re a naturally hard-working person, which can prevent you from experiencing certain things in life that you truly want to, and that scares you. It may be time to take a break and go on vacation, and if you can’t, try changing your daily routine. If you won’t do it now, you never will.

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