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15 Quiet Coastal Towns From Around the World

 The people living in small towns along the seashore are unquestionably lucky - the sound of the waves creates lasting calm and the view from their window is simply spectacular, so they have no choice but to enjoy the tranquility and all the goodness surrounding them. Those people who live in small coastal towns do not keep all this calm to themselves and invite many tourists to visit them and experience their tranquil and pampering daily life. We invite you to learn about 15 small, peaceful beach towns from around the world that you will undoubtedly want to visit during your next trip abroad.

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1. Reine, Norway

beach towns around the world

Reine is a small fishing village that looks so picturesque and delightful to the eye that it became the most photographed place in all of Norway. The red huts that fill it create a beautiful contrast to the blue sea waters and the 300 residents who live in them often enjoy Northern Light shows that flood the village at night.

2. Kamakura, Japan

beach towns around the world

An hour's drive from Tokyo, the town of Kamakura provides an escape from Japanese cities loaded with advanced technology. Looking at the view from the picture, you can see the familiar Mount Fuji, which rises to 3,776 meters, making it the highest mountain in Japan. Beyond the natural beauty that is found on all sides, the town has many temples that make it a very popular tourist attraction, especially in view of its proximity to the city of Tokyo. Every year, on the August 10th, a spectacular fireworks show is held over the beach, which breaks the silence in the area, and no local resident misses this event.

3. Cadaques, Spain

beach towns around the world

On the coastal strip of Costa Brava in eastern Spain lies the town of Cadaques, whose beauty inspired the famous artist Salvador Dali. During the summer months, Cadaques attracts many tourists, not only because of its beautiful beaches but also because of the Salvador Dali museum, where he once lived and worked before moving to a Castle in Púbol.

4. Knysna, South Africa

beach towns around the world

Of all the stunning coastal towns of South Africa, Knysna is particularly prominent due to its lush vegetation and tranquil lagoons. The cliffs from which the water flows into the sea are called "Knysna heads," and there is no doubt that among all the landscapes that exist in the area, the geological forms created over the years by the flow of water are the most beautiful.

5. Ilulissat, Greenland

beach towns around the world

Giant glaciers cruise elegantly in front of the beaches of this charming little town, whose houses are painted and stand out against the snow that floods it in the cold winter months. This town also has a huge ice fjord, 56 km in length, of the same name, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004.

6. Kotor, Montenegro

beach towns around the world

Kotor is the oldest town in Montenegro, and the charm of the Old World is still in every corner. After you’ve finished walking through the narrow alleyways of the town and you leave city walls, you will be able to climb Mount Lovcen and take in the amazing scenery overlooking it and the Adriatic Sea.

7. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

beach towns around the world

Not far from the border with Costa Rica is the town of San Juan del Sur, which is known as one of the most popular surfing and diving sites in the entire region. On its western side you will find its famous beaches, and on its eastern side is Lake Nicaragua, which is the largest in the whole country with more than 400 islands.

8. Positano, Italy

beach towns around the world

Positano is one of the most beautiful towns in the world, and this is not an exaggeration. It is located on the Amalfi coast and impresses every visitor with its beautiful colors and its houses that look out over the sea from above. There is only one wide street in Positano and all the other passages are stairways, so if you are planning to visit this town, we recommend you pack comfortable walking shoes.

9. Bournemouth, England

beach towns around the world

Bournemouth is a relatively large resort town on the southern shores of England. The golden beaches of the sea are cut off only by its pier, which gives peace and tranquility to every soul. Apart from the large beaches, you will find especially pampering hotels and restaurants in this town.

10. Apollo Bay, Australia

beach towns around the world
In the southern part of Australia, you can enjoy stunning views of the coastline, which make driving along it a great experience that you’ll never want to stop. But among all the coastal towns in the area, Apollo Bay has the best reputation, especially in light of the many festivals and sports events that take place there every year.

11. Oia, Greece  

beach towns around the world

The people who live in the small town of Oia wake up every morning in front of the amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors, on the other hand, can enjoy a scene that is usually found only in postcards, since it is one of the most elegant and beautiful towns in all the Santorini Islands. No matter which cafe you choose to sit in, the view before you will be breathtaking.


12. Rovinj, Croatia

beach towns around the world

Croatia's reputation has only increased over the years, and the town of Rovinj does not shame the charming country being that it’s considered one of the most popular sites to visit. Instead of golden beaches, you will find a rocky coastline, but its rugged appearance only adds to the beauty of the town. You’ll also find a large number of beautiful monuments and vantage points on the amazing beach.

13. Twillingate, Canada

beach towns around the world

When you think about Canada, the last thing that comes to mind is "beach towns worth visiting," but Twillingate is a fishing town with an amazing coastline where dolphins, whales, and seals are easily spotted.

14. Cua Van, Vietnam

beach towns around the world

This fishing town is surrounded by mountains on one side and sea on the other, and many of the houses float on the water. It is very interesting to see the children sailing to school in the small boats fit for them, and because the town is becoming more of a popular tourist site each year, they are planning to build a whole visitors center which will float on the water, in the future.

15. Batanes, The Philippines

beach towns around the world

Very little of the influence of the industrialized world has reached Batanes, which is what has kept it calm and tranquil for many years. This is not a single town, but a whole district of tiny towns mostly on islands, each one enjoying the most beautiful beaches in the northern Philippines.


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