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Discovering History's Awe-Inspiring Wonders (19 Pics)

Throughout our time on Earth, humans have created some of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring creations, from architectural marvels to intricate pieces of art. Unfortunately, much of our rich heritage is often overlooked in our busy lives. But fear not, for the Facebook group 'Ancient Wonders of Archaeology, Art History & Architecture' is here to bring us a glimpse of some of the most incredible creations from our past.

From the grandeur of the Gloucester Cathedral to the intricate carvings of the Kailasa Temple, these ancient wonders are a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. Then there are the ancient Persian vertical-axis windmills, which are marvels of engineering, harnessing the power of the wind to grind grain and pump water. And just when you thought you'd seen it all, a mysterious underground city reminds us that there is always more to uncover about our past.

With stunning pictures and fascinating stories, this post takes us on a journey through time, showcasing some of the most fascinating creations of archeology, art, and architecture.

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1. Gloucester Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, is an English cathedral that dates back to the 11th century and is revered around the world

Ancient Creations, Gloucester Cathedral
Image source: Tieu Tung Dinh

2. The Kailasa Temple located in Maharashtra, India, is considered to be the world's most massive piece of monolithic art. It took master craftsmen over two decades to carve the entire building from a single piece of solid rock in a cave on a mountainside. 

Ancient Creations, Kailasa Temple
Image source: Thuy Helen

3. The ancient Persian vertical-axis windmills continue to function even after a millennium has passed since their invention

Ancient Creations, ancient Persian vertical-axis windmills

4. The Abbey of Waldsassen in Bavaria, Germany, houses this stunning ancient bookshelf

Ancient Creations, bookshelf
Image source: Trang Ly

5. Chand Baori, situated in the village of Abhaneri in Rajasthan, India, is a remarkable stepwell that is over 1,000 years old. It consists of 3,500 precisely arranged slender steps across 13 floors, plunging 100 feet (30.48 m) deep.

Ancient Creations, Chand Baori

6. Located in the city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan, the Ark of Bukhara is a colossal fortress that dates back to the 5th to 20th centuries

Ancient Creations,  Ark of Bukhara

7. The Derinkuyu Underground City in Turkey, which could house up to 20,000 people, was accidentally discovered by a man renovating his basement in 1963. Archeologists later found that it had 18 stories underground and various facilities for underground living.

Ancient Creations,
Image source: Thuy Helen

8. Castle Runkelstein/Roncolo near the city of Bolzano in South Tyrol, Italy,  was established in the 13th century

Ancient Creations, Castle Runkelstein
Image source: Tieu Tung Dinh

9. Warriors' Temple (El Templo de los Guerreros), Mexico

Ancient Creations,

10. The Treasury, situated in Petra, is part of a group of edifices built by the Nabateans, a pagan group who had ties with the Thamud. Their proficiency in carving intricate designs into rocks was legendary.

Ancient Creations, The Treasury
Image source: Eliza Mota

11. The majestic Chepstow Castle sits on a cliff across the River Wye, serving as a symbol of the border between England and Wales

Ancient Creations,  Chepstow Castle
Image source: Renea Hawkins

12. These bronze daggers from the Mycenaean era, dating back to the 16th century BC, are adorned with intricate inlays of gold and silver

Ancient Creations, bronze daggers
Image source: Archeology Aesthetic

13. Sunken Egyptian coastal town of Canopus reveals an amazing find - a head of Serapis (a Graeco-Egyptian deity). The full statue was once over 13 feet (4 m) tall and dates to circa 200 B.C.

Ancient Creations, statue

14. Bird perfume bottle with stopper, 1880-1890

Ancient Creations, Bird perfume bottle
Image source: Sally Jo

15. The Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth, Germany, built between 1745 and 1750, is one of the most remarkable examples of Baroque theater architecture, It was designed by the renowned theater architect Giuseppe Galli Bibiena.

Ancient Creations, Margravial Opera House
Image source: Angela Zeman

16. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo houses a first-century BC Fayum portrait of a young girl from Hawara, Egypt, discovered with the mummy of Demos, who is thought to have been her mother.

Ancient Creations, portrait
Image source: Hi/storia

17. The Longmen Caves, located in China, are home to the world's most extensive and magnificent collection of Chinese art dating back to the late Northern Wei and Tang Dynasties (316-907). These works, which are solely focused on the Buddhist faith, signify the zenith of Chinese stone carving.

Ancient Creations, Longmen Caves
Image source: Eliza Mota

18. Architecture of the Sun Temple in Konark, India

Ancient Creations, Sun Temple

19. Situated in the southern part of Jordan, Wadi Rum is a desert valley referred to as the Valley of the Moon for its striking red sandstone and granite rock formations that look like a lunar landscape. Over the centuries, it has been home to many civilizations, including the Nabataeans, who established the renowned city of Petra.

Ancient Creations, Wadi Rum
Image source: Thuy Helen
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