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5 Ways to Turn Every Recipe Vegan

 Did you know you can turn any recipe that contains meat into a vegan recipe with just a simple switch of ingredients? Although switching to a vegan diet can be daunting, there are numerous plans and hacks that you can implement to make your life easier. Here’s how to make any recipe vegan:
1. Replace meat with tofu, tempeh or mushrooms

Tofu has just as much protein and iron as most meat, making it an ideal substitute. It’s hardly everyone’s favorite food, but its versatility means that it can be prepared in a variety of different ways, and it’s also available in a range of different flavors and textures. It can even be used as taco meat.

If tofu just isn’t going to work for you, mushrooms are another great substitute to consider. They’re rich in protein, vitamin C, and iron. They can be marinated and grilled for the perfect burger, and Portobello mushrooms can be stuffed for a quick and easy meal.

Last but not least, you should try tempeh, which is made from whole soybeans and is firmer than tofu. It’s rich in protein and fiber, and you’ll find it at your local grocery store.

2. Replace regular milk with almond milk or similar
There are tons of alternatives to regular milk out there these days, such as soy milk, rice milk, oat milk, hemp milk, almond milk and coconut milk. You should try a few of them to discover which type you like best for the next time you order a vegan coffee at Starbucks!
3. Replace cheese with nuts
Although vegan cheese is actually a thing, nuts can easily be pureed into a creamy sauce. Cashew nuts are particularly good for being used in this way, making a cashew nut sauce is perfect for substituting into your favorite dishes, such as fettuccine Alfredo, nachos or even fondue. You can also consider tofu for replicating ricotta or cottage cheese on dishes such as pasta and pizza.
4. Use natural sweets and fats

Butter and honey are part and parcel of many a dessert, so keeping a vegan alternative in mind is essential. Butter can be replaced with coconut butter or soy margarine, and both taste very similar to the real thing while being packed with nutrients.

Honey can be replaced with agave nectar, coconut nectar or maple syrup, which are all easy to find and are relatively affordable.

5. Replace bacon with tempeh or veggies
Bacon lovers will find giving it up to be an almost impossible task, but tempeh actually tastes almost identical to it. It can be cut thinly and fried like bacon, but some vegetables, such as eggplants or mushrooms, can actually be fried and baked to crisp perfection.
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