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Enhance the Flavor of Peanuts by Roasting & Seasoning Them

Peanuts are such a delicious and crunchy snack, aren’t they? You can literally have them at any time of the day – for breakfast, before a meal, or even as an evening snack. Moreover, peanuts have great nutritional benefits and are loaded with protein and healthy fats, while being also rich in energy (567 calories per 100 g) and nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.
peanuts recipe raw peanuts
While having raw peanuts is, of course, a healthy and tasty option, you can also make a variety of lip-smacking recipes with these nuts. No, we're not talking about a peanut butter sandwich. Today, we will show you how to microwave roasted peanuts and then how to make them taste better with some yummy seasoning choices.

How to roast peanuts in a microwave

Microwaving peanuts gives them a crunchier, crispier, and tastier texture. Many of you might have made roasted peanuts previously on the stovetop. However, roasting peanuts in a microwave is a quicker and easier alternative.

Microwave Roasted Peanuts Recipe in the oven
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1. First, collect your peanuts (250 g or 8.81 oz) in a microwave-safe bowl. If you can find some pre-shelled raw peanuts from the local grocery store it would be better.
2. Use a measuring spoon to measure out 2 tbsp (30 ml) of water and drizzle it over the peanuts in the bowl.

3. Keep stirring the peanuts with the spoon and make sure they are well coated with the water. Stir well until they are moist. 

4. Now, you put the dish inside the microwave and set the power on the highest temperature for 3 minutes.

5. Take the dish out from the microwave and stir the peanuts around with a spoon. Once you’ve stirred the peanuts for about a minute, place the dish back inside the microwave. Set the temperature to the highest power and microwave again for 1 minute. If you want your peanuts roasted longer, then extend the time by another minute.

6. Take the dish out from the microwave and keep the peanuts on a tray to cool down. Spread the nuts with a spoon and wait for a couple of minutes.

How to season the roasted peanuts? 3 delicious options:

Now that your peanuts are nicely roasted and crispy, the next step is to add seasoning to them. This is the best part as you can pick and choose your seasoning from a variety of options. Here are a few of them. 

* Sprinkle salt over the peanuts to make a nice cup of traditional salted peanuts. Stir the peanuts well by hand once you have sprinkled the salt. You can also experiment with the salt and use normal table salt or sea salt. Half a tablespoon of salt should be enough but you can adjust it according to your taste.

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Microwave Roasted Peanuts Recipe, honey-roasted
* Another delicious alternative is coating the peanuts with honey before roasting them. What you would need to do is to use 2 US tbsp (30 ml) of honey over 250 g (8.81 oz) peanuts before you put them in the microwave. Then stir them and put them in the microwave on high power for 4 minutes. This will give you a nice bowl of honey-roasted peanuts.
* Our last seasoning option is spicy salted peanuts. For this, you need to mix 2 tsp (8.2 g) of chili powder, 1/4 tsp (1 g) of cayenne, and 1/2 tsp (2 g) of garlic salt over the roasted peanuts. Toss the spices properly so that all the peanuts are well coated with them. You can even add 2 tbsp of chopped onions and some coriander leaves for garnishing purposes. They will certainly improve the taste.
Microwave Roasted Peanuts Recipe, spicy salted
So, there you have it. Now, you can easily roast peanuts in the microwave and add a variety of seasoning to them to enhance their taste. Try out these options right away and see which ones you like the most.  
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