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Guide: Where to Store Your Eggs

 Eggs are a daily staple that many of us enjoy. They make for an ideal breakfast or light lunch, and are incredibly versatile. For those of us who love eggs, we most likely store a dozen or so in the fridge, so that we can use them regularly. But there is an issue about how we store our eggs that most of us fail to realize. 
where to store your eggs

You likely store your eggs as you would with any other dairy product, in the fridge, right? While this is what you should be doing, you are most probably storing your eggs in the wrong place.

If you store your eggs inside the refrigerator door then you should stop doing so immediately. Doing so only makes your eggs go bad faster, and is actually the worst place you could possibly store your eggs. The reason is pretty simple. 

The shelf on the inside of your refrigerator door sees a constant flux of temperature, as you open and close the fridge to get your food. The shelf door is also the warmest place in the fridge, meaning that storing your eggs here will only make them rot faster.

where to store your eggs

If you want to keep your eggs fresh for as long as possible put them on one of the shelves inside your fridge instead. This will keep your eggs fresh, and also keep them edible a few days beyond their 'Best By' date. They will also taste better.

This rule of thumb does not only apply to eggs, but also to milk and other perishable items, particularly dairy which should never be stored in your refrigerator door. Items with natural preservatives like jam, jellies, and juices are fine to keep here as warmer temperatures won't make them go bad. 

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