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DIY: Make Your Own Citrus Candle

We all love candles, particularly those with a fresh, fruity scent. But with this impressive DIY, you'll be able to skip the wax and turn your favorite citrus into a candle. While it may seem a little far-fetched, doing so is actually simpler than you might think. You'll also save some money to achieve the same effect. 


Here's how to do it:

To get started, all you need is an orange, some olive oil, and a knife. Then, with the knife, gently cut across the orange, enough to get through the skin. Go all the way around the circumference of the citrus, then, stick your finger under the peel and gently separate it from the orange. 

When removing the orange peels, do so delicately, as you want the peel to remain whole since this will serve as the base of your candle. You also want to ensure that the stem remains intact - this will become your 'wick'. Next, pour your olive oil into the basin that the peel has made, and pour some over the stem too. You don't need to fill the entire peel with the oil about half way will do. 

That's all you need to construct your candle! All that's left is for you to light your makeshift 'wick' and your all-natural, homemade candle will burn. The stem may burn all the way down to the oil, and should remain burning for a decent amount of time. The video below will show you exactly how it is done:

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