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10 Super-Efficient Tips That Everyone Needs To Know

Usually, when we encounter a certain difficulty or lack of knowledge, our friends are there to make up for us - they give us tips and information to help us solve our problem, but there are cases where even they can’t help! So…. how do you fix broken glasses? How do you know exactly when to change your tires and what is the best way to paint furniture without destroying it? Below are 10 valuable tips that are quite unknown and will help you in life!


1. Paint furniture without the mess using aluminum foil

warp[ing handles in aluminum foil

If you want to paint a door or a bureau that you have but are afraid of staining the handles, here’s a solution for you! Simply wrap the handles with aluminum foil and paint the wooden parts of the furniture without worry. You can use this solution for anything that painters tape won’t cover well.

2. Check the quality of your car tires with a coin

checking tires with nickel

When was the last time you changed your car tires? To check whether its time, you only need a nickel. Insert the coin into the groove that runs along the tire and check how deep it is - if its depth doesn’t exceed one-eighth of the height of the coin, it needs to be replaced.

3. Easily thread shoelaces into their hole using clear nail polish

threading laces

Threading shoelaces can be quite frustrating but don’t give up and don’t lose your patience. The simple and elegant solution is to apply a little clear polish to the end of the lace making it stiff and easy to thread – this same trick can be applied to getting a thread through the eye of a needle!

 4. Untie knots with talcum powder

untying knot with talcum powder

If you are trying to untie a knot and you aren’t successful, it is recommended that you stop the failed attempts and use the following tip: Just sprinkle some talcum powder on the knot, and it’ll loosen the knot up like magic!

5. Quick and temporary fix for broken glasses using a toothpick

fixing glasses

If one of the temples of your glasses comes out and the little screw that holds it disappears, you can quickly and temporarily fix it with a toothpick - just plug it into the area where the missing screw was, break it and the temple will stay in place!

6. Keep your plates safe for moving using disposable paper plates

stacking ceramic and paper plates

When moving homes, we are usually particularly concerned about our fragile boxes, usually filled with various kitchen utensils, including plates. Packing it may seem like a lot of trouble, but there is a simple solution here that’ll make sure nothing breaks. Just use disposable paper plates to create dividers between each glass or ceramic plate. They’ll act as shock absorbers and keep your plates safe from harm.

7. Sew precisely by marking on your finger

marking fingers

Here's a stitching tip for you: If you've always wanted to get precise stitching and didn’t know how, the method of doing this is simply by marking two lines on your finger that will show the distance between the stitches you have to make. Once you start using this tip, your sewing will look more professional than ever!


8. Removing dents in the carpet with an iron

removing dent from carpet

Has the sofa that sits on the carpet left a prominent and not very aesthetic dent in it? Don't worry! All you need to fix the problem is a simple towel and an iron - put the towel on the dent and run the hot iron over it., you’ll see it the dent disappear as if it were never there.

9. A water-resistant matchbox using a jar

DIY matchbox

If you’re planning a hiking trip for a few days and fear that your matchbox may get wet and become useless, make yourself a new, waterproof box using a small jar. Put all the matches in the jar, and cut out the portion of the box that lights them. Stick that part to the bottom of the jar lid and you have a sealed box of matches.

10. A neat and portable grooming kit using a bamboo mat

bamboo toiletry case

Cheap bamboo mats can be used for more than rolling sushi - if you put a band in it and create slots that fit your toiletries, you can store them all and make them conveniently portable. Insert an elastic band in one side of the mat and glue the end to itself with hot glue. Now continue to thread the band through the mat and create the slots that’ll hold your toiletries. To finish, glue a piece of Velcro to the other end, and roll shut.

source: five minutes craft / youtube

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