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18 Cooking and Food Storage Tips and Tricks

Knowing how to store and prep your food is the key to easier and more efficient cooking, no doubt about it. As it often is, the devil is in the details, and small tweaks that require no extra purchases and equipment will surely help you spend less time in the kitchen and save money in the long run. These 18 food tips will teach you how to prevent food from spoiling and will show you how to save time and effort in preparing certain foods.

1. Place a warm glass over cold butter to soften it in a few minutes

cooking and storage tips butter softening

2. Cooking two pizzas at once is easy if you slice them in two and arrange them like so:

cooking and storage tips Cooking two pizzas at once

3. Place a paper towel in the container with greens to help them stay crispy and fresh for longer

cooking and storage tips greens and paper towel

4. Cooking crispy bacon is so much faster in a waffle iron than a frying pan

cooking and storage tips bacon in a waffle iron

5. Slice a mango in two, cutting around the pit, and then use a glass to scoop the pulp out like this:

cooking and storage tips mango

6. Separating eggs is super fast if you have an empty plastic bottle on hand. Just suck the yolks into the bottle by pressing on the sides of the bottle and then releasing

cooking and storage tips eggs

7. If you wrap the tops of bananas in plastic wrap, they won't ripen and go bad as quickly

cooking and storage tips bananas

8. A slice of watermelon on a stick is most refreshing! Just cut the watermelon into long rectangles like so and pierce each slice with a wooden stick 


9. Put a wooden utensil on a boiling pot. This will ensure the water doesn't spill over while boiling

cooking and storage tips wooden utensil

10. If your cookies are too big to fit into a glass of milk, simply pour some milk into the empty section of the cookie box

cooking and storage tips milk and cookies

11. Don't let leftover herbs go bad. Instead, place them into an ice tray, fill it with water and freeze. They will remain fresh in the freezer for up to a month

cooking and storage tips frozen herbs

12. Need to protect your food from insects outdoors? Use shower caps instead of plastic wrap: these are reusable and much easier to remove and put back on than plastic wrap

cooking and storage tips shower cap

13. If you have a large batch of quesadillas to prepare, cook them together like so in the oven instead of warming them up one by one on a stovetop

cooking and storage tips quesadillas

14. If you need to remove the tops of strawberries for a recipe, you can use a plastic straw to do so

cooking and storage tips strawberries

15. Shucking corn before grilling isn't necessary if you soak it for a few hours before

cooking and storage tips corn

16. To prevent a halved avocado from browning, store it in a container submerged in water

cooking and storage tips avocado

17. Slice several tomatoes simultaneously by simply putting them between two plates and sliding a knife between them


18. Do you like your ice cream soft? If so, then seal the carton of ice cream in a Ziploc before freezing it

cooking and storage tips
Image source: acidcow
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