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Hide Ugly Fixtures in Your Home

 No matter how well-decorated your home is, there will always be parts of it that need upgrading. Lighting fixtures, storing areas, laundry baskets and even appliances can be less than attractive. Thankfully, there are some pretty and clever ways to hide the eyesores that you detest throughout your entire home. 
Fake Rocks
If outdoor piping is ruining your beautiful, cultivated garden, hide these eyesores using fake rocks. They can easily be purchased online, through sites like Amazon and will blend into your garden effortlessly. 
Light Switch Gallery
Got a light switch you want to cover? Hide it in plain sight within a gallery wall by hanging a variety of pictures around it.
Hidden Jewelry
Jewelry out in the open can look a bit cluttered, and can attract unwanted attention. One way to stash your precious jewels is through a secret hallowed-out painting in an unexpected way, keeping clutter to a minimum. 
Toaster Drawer
Appliances in particular can be quite an eyesore. But here's a clever way to hide such items.
Kids’ Car Garage
For your little ones toy cars, create a makeshift garage in the playroom or living room. This will keep their toys organized and will allow you to keep the space clutter free with plastic eyesores out of sight when need be. 
Television Closet
While some may enjoy seeing their flat screen TV proudly hang on the wall, others prefer that it stay hidden. This stylish sliding closet will turn your entertainment system into a wall decor in a snap.
Outdoor AC Lattice
AC units are unsightly and bulky. Blend it in to your garden by putting up some easy lattice walls around it. 
Covert Charging Station
Cover up those unsightly charging wires and prevent them from getting lost and tangled by creating an undercover charging station. 
Laundry Basket Drawer
Do away with plastic laundry baskets and dedicate a drawer for them instead, keeping your laundry out of sight. 
Doggie Drawer
This concept may seem a little out of the ordinary. Yet while our dogs need their water and food bowls, are kitchens certainly do not. Stash their bowls inside the bottom drawer of a hatch or dresser, allowing your dog to enjoy dinner in a more secretive way. 
AC Unit Curtain
Window AC units can be unsightly. Try cover your unit with a half-window curtain for a classy cover up. 
Hidden Printer Drawer
Keep your printer hidden by tucking it away in a drawer in your home office.
Covered Thermostat
Like your fuse box, the thermostat can be quite an eyesore. Cover it with a simple piece of art. 
Air Vent Cover
Some fixtures cannot be taken out of the house, an air vent for instance. They also tend to be unpleasant to look at. A quick way to hide this eyesore is to nail a decorative rug onto the wall, over the vent, which will dress it up very well. 
Decorated Washer and Dryer
You may be unsure how to dress up your washer or dryer. This simple method will decorate your appliances with simple, colored tape. Opt for fun stripes or polka dot patterns to jazz them up. 
Decorative Router Box
Just like your chargers, your internet comes with many wires too. Hide this eyesore by stashing the router and all its wires inside a decorative box. 
Kitty Litter Closet
The cat litter is most likely one of the worst eyesores. Not only does it look unpleasant, it smells awful too. Keep it stashed in a similar looking cupboard, particularly when you have company. 
Paper Towel Crown Molding
Dress up your plain old roll of paper towels with some classy crown molding. While you can still pull out the paper towels easily, you can dress the top of the molding with candles, pictures and more.
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