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Expel Mice the Kind Way with These 3 Peppermint Solutions

 Some people in my family can't stand mice, whereas I actually find them quite cute. However, we all share one thing in common: we'd rather they weren't running around our house uninvited. So, we are always on the lookout for kind ways to repel the little creatures without resorting to hideous mousetraps and poison. And in my opinion, a natural solution is always best.
Luckily there is one superb mouse repellent that I recommend, for two key reasons. One, mice cant stand the smell of it; and two, people absolutely love the smell of it. So here I present the great natural solution to your mice infestation: peppermint!
peppermint mice
Here are three wonderful ways you can keep your house free of mice, without having to fork out for expensive exterminators, and without having to cause any harm to sweet Mickey and Minnie.
1. Peppermint plant pots
The first thing you should do is get as many plant pots as you can and fill them with luscious green peppermint plants. Post those pots all around the outside perimeter of your home. Any mice nearby will instantly be turned off by the pungent, aromatic smell of the peppermint.
2. A sock of peppermint
Take some dried peppermint (dried yourself or bought from a herb seller) and stuff it in a sock. You can hang the sock on a door handle or somewhere similar. Do this with many more socks, placed strategically around your house. This way the inside of your home will be rendered unappealing to mice, but the fresh smell will do wonders for your mood and health.
peppermint mice
3. Homemade peppermint spray
Boil up a pot of water and drop some dried peppermint inside, letting the flavor infuse in the water just like when you make a lovely cup of peppermint tea. Once you are happy the mixture is rich enough, strain the water and let it cool down. Once cooled, you can now pour the peppermint water into a spray bottle. Spray liberally around your home to keep any mice at bay. Think about the tiny crevices and holes that you could imagine mice might frequent and give them a good minty spray. 
Bonus: The wonderful thing about peppermint is that not only will it keep your house mouse free, it will also deter many other unwanted pests from intruding on your private residence. So if you have a problem with, bees, mosquitoes, ants, beetles, or anything like that, any of the above methods will work a treat for you. For some other great ways to get rid of mice, read here.
Watch: How to get your home mouse free with peppermint

H/T: tiphero.com

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