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Want to Keep Spiders Away From Your Place? Read On…

Nothing shakes us up like having a sudden encounter with a creepy-crawly spider. You know what we mean, right? Like that horrible moment when you accidentally come across a huge eight-legged spider in your kitchen and feel like running away from your home forever...
House spiders, cellar spiders, jumping spiders, orb spiders, web spiders, and wolf spiders are all pretty common in America. In the fall, male spiders travel to find a female mate. On their search, they make their way inside or outside of our homes. While they may be large and scary-looking, most of these insects are relatively harmless.
Cleaning Mistakes That Attract Spiders, big spider in home
That said, if you hate seeing these pests in your house, there are a few things you can do. Start by taking a hard look at your cleaning habits. Pest control experts say that the cleanliness - or untidiness - of your living space can make a big difference in attracting all kinds of arachnids to your home.
So, if you’re determined to keep your house spider-free, try and avoid the following habits.

1. Leaving trash cans open

Cleaning Mistakes That Attract Spiders,  trash cans open
Open trash bins attract insects, which, in turn, attract spiders. Entomologists and pest control experts say that spiders love feeding on insects that buzz around garbage bins. It’s an easy meal for them, after all. So always remember to keep the trash bin lids in the house tightly sealed. This will keep both flies and spiders away.

2. Leaving the lights on when it’s dark

Cleaning Mistakes That Attract Spiders, lights
The warm glow of lights attracts insects. And, well, this usually means that a spider or two will be lurking by in some corner, waiting to grab a fly or two when no human is around. Remember this - any practice that attracts insects also attracts spiders, as insects are spider food. This is why it’s not a good idea to keep light bulbs on throughout the night. If you can’t avoid that, just use an insect repellent spray around the area before you go off to sleep.

3. Having too many overgrown houseplants

Cleaning Mistakes That Attract Spiders, houseplants
Houseplants add to the aesthetic of a clean home. However, having too many potted plants and foliage around the house provides spiders with a great environment to comfortably build their webs. From there, they can make their way into the house through the cracks in the doors or the gaps around the windows. Furthermore, many spiders are herbivores, and they would love to make a home around your indoor houseplants and feed on them. So, clean and prune your plants every once in a while to keep them spider-free.

4. Leaving fruits and veggies out

Cleaning Mistakes That Attract Spiders, fruits and veggies
Even if you don’t plan on eating them immediately, leaving fruits and veggies out in the open on your dinner table or kitchen top isn’t a smart idea. Apart from attracting flies, they also fascinate spiders - because it’s food! If some fruits, like grapes or bananas, are lying around in the open for a couple of days, spiders might be tempted to weave a web between and around them. Therefore, give your fruits and vegetables a good clean after you buy them at the supermarket and then keep them properly covered.

5. Not wiping kitchen counters after cooking

Cleaning Mistakes That Attract Spiders, kitchen counters
Always make sure that you wipe the stove and kitchen counters once you’re done cooking. While spiders don't eat human food, they will love feasting on the insects that come to pick up all the little debris and crumbs while you're asleep. If you make a habit of doing this, don’t be surprised if spiders call your kitchen home.

6. Letting water remain in the sink overnight

Cleaning Mistakes That Attract Spiders, water remain in the sink
Many of us have a bad habit of leaving dirty containers filled with water in the sink throughout the day. That doesn’t just make your kitchen appear dirty, it also allows spiders to thrive. Believe it or not, spiders like water too. In the wild, these arachnids drink from any available source, such as dew droplets on plants or their webs. But when they have bowls and containers of water readily available in a sink, why would they leave the place?

7. Leaving laundry on the floor

Cleaning Mistakes That Attract Spiders, laundry on the floor 
Stop leaving piles of laundry on the floor if you don’t want spiders lurking around your home. Spiders love dark hiding spots, and the folds of clothes make a great place for them to spend some time before they have to venture out for food. They might also wait for other insects to make their way into the laundry pile. Unfortunately, this is the reason why many people tend to get bitten by spiders: they put their clothes on after picking them up from the floor. It’s best to organize your laundry in closed hampers.

8. Forgetting to dehumidify damp areas

Cleaning Mistakes That Attract Spiders, dehumidify
Many bugs, including spiders, are attracted to moisture. This is why you will often find them taking shelter in damp and humid areas of the house, like basements, garages, and crawl spaces. These areas are also the perfect hunting ground for house- and cellar spiders in search of prey. You can keep this in control by simply reducing the humidity in the home. Set up a dehumidifier in your basement or garage. If you notice moisture or dampness in any other areas, then address it without fail.
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