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A Short Tale that Will Remind You of a Person’s True Value

 From time to time there are people who don’t want what’s best for you, and manage to shake your self-confidence, causing you to feel unappreciated, especially during difficult times. For children who are still developing their personality, this can be devastating, so it is important to remind them how much you value them. The following short story will remind you of your true value, so share it with your children and friends so they won’t forget, even for a minute, that they are valued by you.


One morning, Mr. Johnson entered the classroom where he teaches, holding a $100 note. After a few moments, when the students finally quieted down, he raised his hand that was holding the note up and asked his students: “Who wants this bill?”

Of course, all of the children raised their hands, each hoping to be the lucky winner.

Your true worth

Mr. Johnson lowered his hand and proceeded to fold the note several times, and asked: “And now, who still wants the bill?”. Once more, all of the children raised their hands.

Next, Mr. Johnson threw the note on the floor, stepped on it, then picked it up and scrunched it into a dirty little ball. A few seconds later he cleared his throat and asked: “And now, who still wants the bill?”. All of the students laughed, as they were surprised by the teacher’s behavior, but all of them still raised their hands.

Your true worth
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Mr. Johnson then asked the class: “And what did you learn from this?”

None of the students answered, as they didn’t understand what it is that they were supposed to learn.

Mr. Johnson stood in the middle of the class, holding the wrinkled note and said: “You, my dear pupils, are like this $100 bill. Sometimes people will hurt you, step on you, crush you and mock you. You must remember then that each of you has value, each of you is special and unique, and just like this bill didn’t change its value when I folded it or stepped on it, no one else can lower your value either.

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