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30 Tips for Raising Kids That Every Parent Should Hear

Michael Mitchell is a devoted American father who started a blog called "Life to Her Years". The point of his unique blog is to collect tips from different fathers about childhood-simple and accurate advice that will add life to their years, as the name implies. His blog, which has gained momentum, has become a popular paternity philosophy that inspires many people, and these are some of the interesting tips we found there after we "translated" them into tips for fathers, mothers, and children in general – as these tips are good for everyone.

Parenting tips

1. Do not overdo it with gifts. The best gifts are the experiences you share with them.

2. Pick your kids up, it’s a great workout for your arm muscles.

3. Let them into your bed after a nightmare, a few minutes of cuddling will make that nightmare a distant memory.

4. Take your kids to the playground and when they ask you to push them on the swing higher and faster, remember that everything is relative.

5. When you want to comfort them after a difficult experience, don’t forget to hug. Touch is a human need, don’t forget that.

Parenting tips

6. At some point, your kids will want to marry you, as weird as it sounds. Let them down gently.

7. Let them roll around in the grass and get dirty. The clean shirt that’s worth telling them no has yet to be invented.

8. Don’t miss their birthday parties. They might not remember the toy you bought them but they’ll never forget your presence.

8. Don’t be late when your children are waiting for you to pick them up from school or activities, which will make them anxious and stressed. If you are going to be late, always try to let them know.

9. Don’t be afraid to act silly and look stupid when you play with them. Your children will free you from the seriousness of the adult world.

10. Let them grab the wheel. Obviously not while you’re driving, but if you let them sit on your lap and grab the wheel for a few minutes, they’ll never forget how big they felt in that moment.

Parenting tips

11. Once they learn how to kiss, kids will plant kisses all over your face. Don’t discourage this.

12. It's never too early to teach them about the value of money, think of it as a preparation for adulthood.

13. Let them sit on your shoulders. They will love to look at everything from above.

14. Praise them for their beauty, but remember to make clear that intelligence will take them further than how they look on the outside.

15. Teach them about the difference between "bad" and "good" and remember that they will imitate your actions and less what you tell them to do.

Parenting tips

16. Take them for walks, go camping with them, and light a bonfire. This experience is irreplaceable and will teach them a lot about leaving their comfort zone and loving nature.

17. Teach them to change a flat tire, install shelves in the house, fill holes in the wall and anything else that will serve them in the future.

18. There’s going to come a time where they will ask for a puppy, just say yes!

19. Learn to say "no" to some of their requests. Your children may be angry with you today, but in the future, they will be able to say "no" themselves, when someone crosses their boundaries.

20. Teach them to reach out to you in moments of distress and prove that you’ll be there for them when they need you.

Parenting tips

21. Dance with your children, jump around and play with the music turned up, and they will learn from you about the value of happiness and not caring what others think.

22. Walk with them to the park and play some ball. More than being just exercise, it will be a lesson in self-confidence.

23. Teach them to say a prayer, it doesn't need to be a religious prayer necessarily, but only faith and aspiration for the best that they can ask from themselves and others.


24. Love the other parent of your children and show it. The world will be a much safer and understood place if they know that Mom loves Dad and Dad loves Mom.

25. Take them with you to work at least once. They’ll learn about the person you are and what you are doing to raise and support them.

Parenting tips

26. Come up with a secret sign you can use when in a crowded place so they know you always see them.

27. Don’t pay too much importance to their grades, but to their behavior. That’s more important for their future then how they do on tests.

28. Don’t tell them to hurry too much, one day you’ll hope that they will slow down for you.

29. Share your mistakes and teach them that no one is perfect and that pride should not prevent anyone from recognizing a mistake and apologizing for it.

30. Carry them to bed over your shoulder! This will make bedtime much more fun and looked forward to.

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