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The Benefits of Having Grandchildren

The unmatched feeling of comfort that grandchildren bring is indescribable. They bring joy to our lives, introduce us to new activities, and even teach us new things about ourselves and life. It's amazing how much grandkids can impact and enrich our world. Spending time with them can improve our mental and physical well-being in countless ways. In this article, we will introduce the many good ways grandkids affect your life, mind and body.

benefits of spending time with grandchildren  

1. Your body is healthier and stronger

Holding and hugging your grandchildren can have a positive impact on your physical health by increasing the production of white blood cells, which can fight infections and decrease inflammation. A study by the University of Virginia in the United States found that holding a grandchild also contributes to reducing pain and lowering blood pressure. In addition, another study found that loving interactivity even contributes to a certain slowing down of the aging process on a cellular level.

2. Your brain is operating at high levels

Researchers found that even spending one day a week with grandchildren can result in improved psycho-technical and memory test scores among grandmothers. According to Dr. Sharon Berangman from the American Geriatric Society, investing excessive time with grandchildren can cause stress and negative thoughts. This can actually harm brain function to some extent. Therefore, it is recommended to spend time with grandchildren only for entertainment and educational purposes.

3. You reduce your risk of psychological issues

The benefits inherent in the relationship between you and your grandchildren are not limited to the stages of early childhood. They are evident at every stage of their development until they reach adulthood. Studies have shown that a close emotional relationship with grandchildren during adolescence contributes to reducing symptoms of depression - both among grandchildren and among grandparents.
Emotional support from you as grandparents will significantly contribute to strengthening the mental health of you and your grandchildren, and will also give them stability and security - two qualities that will help them a lot in a time characterized above all by shaky instability.


benefits of spending time with grandchildren

4. You have a bigger influence on them than you'd guess

One of the surprising things is that grandchildren look up to their grandparents as a source of knowledge and wisdom, and they cherish every word they say. According to studies, maintaining a close bond with grandchildren can have various positive effects. It can boost their self-esteem, improve their emotional intelligence, and enhance their social skills. Additionally, a stable relationship with grandchildren can lead to better academic performance and intellectual accomplishments. Furthermore, spending time with grandchildren can also benefit cognitive abilities and memory.


5. You see the cycle of life repeating

Let's face it, we've all gotten into friction with our children in the past. We hoped so much that we'd be able to get them to see our side and the logic behind the rules we put in front of them. Now your children are the ones in the command position and whether they like it or not - they are coming to understand quite well each of the decisions you made in that situation. Another painful truth is that we have all made mistakes in raising children, ones that we regret and would like to have the opportunity to correct. Now you have this precious opportunity to instill in your children the lessons that you learned from the most painful mistakes. You can do everything to prevent their recurrence in the future.

6. You exercise without even feeling it

As a grandparent, spending time with your grandchildren can lead to physical activity and exercise, whether it's pushing a stroller, playing in the yard, or traveling together. Being with your grandchild can motivate you to move without the struggle that often comes with starting physical activity.

benefits of spending time with grandchildren

7. You're more in touch with the younger generation

As time passes, the gap between generations naturally grows, leading to a sense of disconnection and unfamiliarity with the younger generation's music, fashion, and language. However, the presence of grandchildren can bridge this gap and bring about a positive outlook for future generations. Even if their music, clothing, and way of speaking may seem unfamiliar, spending time with them can lead to an appreciation of their interests. This will enable you to share cherished childhood memories. Additionally, it has been suggested that spending time with grandchildren can prevent mental health issues.

8. You get a second shot at first experiences

The first experiences with our children, from holding their fingers to buying their first furniture, are memorable and exciting moments that we will cherish forever. As your children become parents themselves, you have the chance to relive special moments with your grandchildren and feel youthful again. It is important to take advantage of this opportunity and be present at all significant events in their lives.

9. You take better care of yourself

We all want to be there to see our grandson walk to the top. We want him to finish his degree studies or reach another peak in his life. This is a goal that is also evident in the way we plan our future and takes care of our health. For this reason, we will do everything we can to prolong our lives.

This ambition causes us, without even noticing it, to make more effort for the preservation of health. The results of studies in the field of family health have determined that grandparents make sure to eat healthier than in the period before their grandchildren. They exercise regularly and take medicine regularly. This is especially true for grandmothers.

benefits of spending time with grandchildren  

10. You're opening a new and important channel for strengthening the relationship with your children

For many years, the relationship with your children was based to a large extent on bitter relationships - you were the responsible person who took care of them. Now that your children are parents themselves, you "play on the same team" - you have a common goal: to do everything to give the next generation the most out of what life could offer.

The facts on the ground speak for themselves - when your children bring their own children into the world, they will need you more, appreciate and respect you more. This means that they will probably call you more frequently - to get helpful advice or just for a few words of encouragement.

11. You're living in the moment

In recent times, there has been a surge in the popularity of yoga and meditation all across the globe. People seek to disconnect from their worries and distractions and focus solely on the present moment. While this can be a challenging task that requires years of practice, spending time with one's grandchildren can evoke a similar feeling that is even more powerful than any spiritual training. To fully engage with them, one must set aside all other thoughts and distractions and be fully present in the moment.

12. You are constantly learning

In old age, it's common to believe that we already know everything and nothing can surprise us. However, this notion robs us of the excitement of anticipating new experiences and is simply inaccurate.
The advantages of having a grandchild are numerous and surprising, as they can teach you a great deal despite being much younger than you. They can instruct you on topics such as technology, computer skills, and enjoyable pastimes, as well as provide valuable life lessons from a child's point of view. Moreover, assisting with homework can help rekindle old knowledge and enrich your life with new experiences.

benefits of spending time with grandchildren  

13. You let go of the reins a bit more to live in the moment

By embracing this new role as a grandparent, you can relinquish control and simply enjoy the journey.

While raising children can be a joyful experience, it can also come with significant financial, emotional, and mental burdens such as arguments, sleep deprivation, and worries. However, as grandparents, you can relish the fun aspects of interacting with your grandchildren without having to bear the responsibilities of caring for them. You can engage in activities like playing, helping with homework, and watching movies without the stress of parenting unless you choose to do so. It is most appropriate to let parents handle the tough parts of raising children like discipline and disagreements and focus on enjoying the happy moments of their growth.

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