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Photographer Captures the Surreal Beauty of Castles

Why do castles fascinate us so much? One look at one of these beautiful constructions and we are instantly drawn in. Palaces and castles have played an important role in fantasy, legends, and lore and will hence always have an aura of surrealism around them. Travel photographer Vincent Croce has been attempting to capture that magical beauty of castles through his lens.

Croce loves exploring castles that have been untouched by time and still radiate beauty that will leave anyone stunned. Here, we have featured some of the most magical photographs of the castles by him during his visits to places like Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, and more. Scroll on and discover the magical and mystical world of some breathtakingly beautiful castles.   

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1. Eltz Castle, Germany 

Built: 1470-1520

Magical Castles, Eltz Castle,

2. The Fortress of Miolans, Savoy, France (This used to be a prison once) 

Built: 1083

Magical Castles, The Fortress of Miolans, 

3. Hohenzollern Castle, Germany 

Built: 1867

Magical Castles, Hohenzollern Castle

4. Pierrefonds Castle, France 

Built: 1397

Magical Castles, Pierrefonds Castle

5. Wasserschloss Raesfeld, Germany 

Built: the 13th century

Magical Castles, Wasserschloss

6. Castle of Tarasp, Graubünden, Switzerland 

Built: 1040

Magical Castles, Castle of Tarasp

7. Hohenwerfen Castle, Werfen, Austria 

Built: 1077

Magical Castles,  Hohenwerfen Castle

8. Suscinio Castle, Sarzeau, France 

Built: 1218

Magical Castles, Suscinio Castle

9. Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany 

Built: 1869

Magical Castles, Neuschwanstein Castle

10. Cawdor Castle in the Scottish Highlands 

Built: 1454

Magical Castles, Cawdor Castle

11. The Heidelberg Castle overlooks the historical city of Schlosshof in Germany 

Built: 1214

Magical Castles, Heidelberg Castle

12. Moszna Zamek, Poland

Built: 1768

Magical Castles, Moszna Zamek

13. Castle of Malcesine, Italy

Built: 1620

Magical Castles, Malcesine

14. Wernigerode Castle, Germany 

Built: the 12th century

Magical Castles, Wernigerode
All photos courtesy: Vincent Croce
Check out more works of the photographer on his Instagram page
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