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These Creative & Unusual Bus Stops Are Worth Waiting Under

Although buses are an excellent means of travel, waiting is still an integral part of the experience. The majority of people are accustomed to unpleasant-smelling and vandalized bus shelters cluttered with cigarette butts and empty beer cans. However, in various towns across the globe, commuters are treated to a different waiting experience at uniquely designed and vibrant bus stops and shelters. From bus stations that resemble fruits to those that have misting systems installed to help you beat the summer heat, these creative and unusual bus stops are worth waiting in.

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1. A Simpsons-themed bus stop in London

Unusual Bus Stops, Simpsons

2. Someone went out of their way to furnish this bus stop in Norway

Unusual Bus Stops, Norway

3. In an innovative marketing campaign, Caribou Coffee transformed bus shelters in Minneapolis into functioning ovens with actual heat to introduce its new breakfast sandwiches

Unusual Bus Stops, oven

4. In Japan, bus stops are designed to resemble fruits such as watermelon, lemon, strawberry, tomato, and muskmelon

Unusual Bus Stops, fruits

5. What a neat idea!

Unusual Bus Stops, umbrella

6. Located in Holstein, Germany, this unique stop is situated right in front of the local high school

Unusual Bus Stops, schoolschool

7. This bus shelter on North Avenue (Chicago) is creatively modeled after the vibrant green canopy of ginkgo leaves

Unusual Bus Stops, ginkgo leaves

8. Adorable!

Unusual Bus Stops, cats

9. I love that the sheep lights up at night

Unusual Bus Stops, sheep

10. The people of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, love this playful, practical, and quirky bus stop

Unusual Bus Stops,

11. Imagine you get up and knock yourself out on the teeth

Unusual Bus Stops, shark

12. Somewhere in Curitiba, Brazil

Unusual Bus Stops, Brazil

13. Many bus stops in Korea have misting systems installed to help people stay cool in the summer heat

Unusual Bus Stops, misting systems

14. Now this is a bus stop I won't mind spending a few hours in! From Žďár Nad Sázavou, Czech Republic

Unusual Bus Stops,

15. This bus stop library in the Polish village of Uwieliny is the ideal shelter for book lovers

Unusual Bus Stops, library
All images source: Acid Cow
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