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10 Amazing Moroccan Destinations In 4K

Morocco is a tourist destination that has gained momentum in recent years and it seems that the various reasons to arrive and explore this country by foot, car or on camel are highly justified. From Morocco's UNESCO heritage sites through blockbuster movie filming sites to water sports, in Morocco, you’ll find it all. And to prove this to you we’ve collected the 10 places that you shouldn’t miss if you ever have the chance to visit this amazing country. You’ll be able to take a tour of these destinations through wonderful 4K videos proving just how impressive Morocco really is!


Meknes is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco whose name and fame are associated with Sultan Moulay Ismail. The Sultan turned Meknes into an impressive city with Spanish-Mori-style architecture, surrounded by a high wall and large gates. In this video, you’ll get a 4K viewing tour of a city filled with historical monuments and magnificent sites.
In ancient times, the city of Volubilis was the administrative center of one of the provinces of the Roman Empire. The city's surroundings are rich in fertile land that produced many commodities such as grains and olive oil, which were exported to Rome during those years. In the 11th century the city was abandoned and today it is an archeological site where one can visit and be impressed by the ancient limestone buildings. Watch the video and take a tour of one of the most impressive and ancient sites Morocco has to offer.
Chefchaquen is an amazing picturesque mountain town in northeastern Morocco set against the backdrop of the high mountains of Rif. The city is full of white and blue houses, giving it the unique and impressive appearance that made it famous. In Chefchaquen you can find many different handicrafts such as woolen garments and woven blankets along with special goat cheeses, so it is definitely a recommended destination!
Todra and Dades Gorges
The Todra and Dades gorges were created following the erosion mountains into impressive canyons by rivers of the same names. There are villages where tourists can visit and go hiking in the area. In this video, you’ll be able to tour these magnificent Moroccan gorges in breathtaking quality.
Medina of Fes
The city of Fes is divided into Fes el Bali (Old City) and El Jadid (the New City), the difference being that the former is inside the walls and the other is outside of them. The Old City is surrounded by walls with a number of historical gates, where you can stroll through the crowded alleys and streets and be impressed by local life alongside modern restaurants and shops.
Essaouira is a peaceful fishing port city protected by a natural bay and its contemporary landscape was designed in the 18th century. Today, the city serves as a center of pilgrimage for all maritime sports enthusiasts in Morocco and offers a wide range of options in the field, alongside shady havens on its amazing beaches.
Ait-Ben-Heddou is one of the fortified cities along the trade route that connected the Sahara with Marrakesh and is surrounded by high mud walls. Within the city, there are 6 Ksars, earthen buildings surrounded by high walls, and a small number of other houses. Most of the city's residents now live in a modern village across the river, although there are several families still living there. The city has also appeared in a number of films and series such as Games of Thrones, Gladiator and more - thanks to the next video you’ll quickly understand why...
Jemma el-Fnaa
Jemma el-Fnaa is the highlight of every visitor to Marrakesh and one of the most visited tourist attraction throughout Morocco. Jemaa el-Fnaa is a central square in the city, which during the day is full of people with animals and a number of stalls and when evening falls it transforms into a tourist center where you’ll find storytellers, magicians, street shows, food stalls and more.
The small town of Merzouga is the western gateway to the Sahara Desert and anyone who wants to travel through the picturesque and impressive dunes of the region will come to this town. Here you’ll find trade services and planned trips on camels, jeeps and more lasting between a few hours or even a few days. For the adventurous, sand skiing is also offered nearby and thanks to the video here you’ll get a 4K glimpse of Marzouga.
The capital city of Morocco and the only place where you can find the striking contrast between its ancient history from the 12th century alongside the impressive urban modernity - Rabat. This is one of the largest modern urban projects built in Africa in the 20th century alongside impressive historic buildings.
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