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Did You Know Your Vacuum Cleaner Had These Nifty Benefits?

Vacuum cleaners are essential for keeping our homes spick and span. However, this amazing appliance can do much more than keep your floors and windows free of dirt and crumbs. A modern vacuum cleaner is, in fact, remarkably versatile, and the things that can be done with it will surprise you.

Let's discuss 9 nifty benefits of your vacuum you might have never known or considered before. From reducing allergens in your home to fixing carpet dents, take note of these unusual tasks you can do using your vacuum cleaner all around the house.

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1. Cut down on indoor allergens

You can considerably reduce the number of allergens in your house by simply using your vacuum cleaner on the windowsills. These are the areas that attract the most pollen, bacteria, dirt, and other allergens, as air frequently passes through them. Make use of the dust brush attachment and keep your home healthy and allergen-free. Most modern vacuum machines have HEPA filters, and they will do a solid job of sucking out all the allergens hiding in the corners of your windows. While you are at it, don’t forget to vacuum the couch and pillows, too.

2. Control fleas and insects

Unexpected Uses of Your Vacuum Cleaner,
What if we told you vacuuming can also help you get rid of insects? According to the findings of a study by Ohio State University, frequent vacuuming can help kill fleas in all stages of life. For the experiment, the researchers placed 100 types of cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) - the most common type of flea that torments pets and humans - into a carpet. Tests showed that regular vacuuming got rid of 96% of the fleas. So, if you pr your pets have been bothered by household fleas, you needn’t look any further than your good old vacuum cleaner to get rid of them.
You can also use the hose of the vacuum cleaner to suck out insects from mattresses, corners, and ceilings.

3. Recover small items from difficult-to-access areas

Unexpected Uses of Your Vacuum Cleaner, Recover small items
Dropped a coin or a ring behind the wall and the refrigerator? Your vacuum cleaner can come to your rescue. All you need to do is attach a mesh over the vacuum hose with a rubber band and slide it in the hard-to-reach area. Start the machine and aim for the item. The suction from the vacuum should be able to grab it, and the mesh will then prevent the item from going inside the dust bag. This is a great technique to recover objects like pins, screws, rings, coins, and other small ornaments.  
In case you don’t have any mesh, you can even use old pantyhose.

4. Whisk away hard-to-reach crumbs from the toaster

Unexpected Uses of Your Vacuum Cleaner, crumbs
The crumbs of bread stuck under the grates of your toaster can be hard to get rid of. Over time, the crumbs keep piling up and can create a mess. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution. Your vacuum’s crevice tool can easily catch them. The same tool can also be used to whisk away crumbs stuck on the shelves on your refrigerator door or the grates of your stove. Once you’ve done the vacuuming, spray some disinfectant liquid on the areas.

5. Clean air vents grills

Unexpected Uses of Your Vacuum Cleaner,  air vents grills
The air vents grills in your house tend to collect dirt, pollens, webs, dead skin cells, and other germs, as air continuously passes through them. Rodents or insects, too, can pass through the vents. This can result in illness-causing germs accumulating in those spaces, which can travel through the air and enter your lungs. While you can ask a professional to have your air vents thoroughly sanitized once a year, another good option is to effectively clean the grills from time to time with the brush nozzle of your vacuum. 

6. Fix carpet dents

Unexpected Uses of Your Vacuum Cleaner,  carpet dents
Carpet dents can look pretty ugly. These indentations are usually formed when heavy furniture is placed over carpets for an extended period of time. They aren’t noticeable at first until you decide to rearrange the sofa or move any other furniture. Thankfully, these dents can be flattened using a combination of ice cubes and a vacuum cleaner. Here’s what you need to do:
* Place several ice cubes over the dent on the carpet. You must make sure that the dents are completely covered with ice.
* Now, wait for the ice to melt. The water will swell up the fibers of the carpet and restore their original shape.
* Run the vacuum cleaner over the damp spots to reshape them to their initial position. 

7. Clean your dryer's lint filter 

Unexpected Uses of Your Vacuum Cleaner, washing machine’s lint filter 
The lint filter (a small pore mesh filter) in your dyer is designed to catch any hard dirt, including pieces of wet paper, which are released from the clothes during the drying process. This filter can become quite dirty if not cleaned once every week. If it gets clogged up, your dryer won’t work as effectively as it should. A convenient way to clean this filter is to use your vacuum’s brush attachment. If you notice any debris remaining on the filter, attach the vacuum’s crevice tool to pull them out. 

8. Freshen up your pillows and upholstery 

A combination of baking soda and vacuum cleaner can be a wonderful way to deodorize your smelly cushions or upholstery. 

* Sprinkle baking soda generously onto the spot you want to clean.

* Now, work on the spot with a wet sponge and leave the baking soda there for about one hour. 

* Vacuum those areas properly and you will be surprised how lively the fabric will look. This is the result of the slightly abrasive nature of baking soda, which helps loosen the dirt, and the vacuum carries it away.

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9. Deodorize your home 

Unexpected Uses of Your Vacuum Cleaner, essential oils
Here’s a simple way to make sure your home smells amazing. Pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil (or perfume) on a cotton ball and toss it in the cleaner bag of your vacuum. Now, proceed to vacuum your house as you normally do. The scent from the cotton ball will be slowly released from the machine and every part of your house will soon smell as fresh as ever.
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