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7 Cleaning Tasks You Have to Tackle Just Once Annually

Every homeowner has a list of cleaning chores that they do every day or every week. After all, having a clean and organized house is important for your own mental and physical well-being. While some common household tasks like washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and cleaning the kitchen countertops require our attention every day, you will find that there are many chores you can easily do just once and forget about them for a year. 
We listed 7 of such cleaning tasks below, so cross them off your "Weekly Cleaning To-Do" list and breathe easier. With these once-a-year chores in mind, you can spread out your cleaning tasks and stop wasting any unnecessary effort on stuff you can handle on an annual basis.

1. Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

Once-a-Year Cleaning Tasks, Upholstery Furniture
Unless you notice a musty smell or your upholstered furniture gets frequently mistreated by children or pets, upholstery cleaning should typically be done once or twice every two years. You should, of course, vacuum your sofa and other upholstery every week or so, as dirt, dust, and grime do tend to settle on it. But there's no need to deep clean your couch or call for a professional cleaning service more often.
According to industry experts, deep cleaning annually not only preserves the appearance of your upholstered furniture but also helps extend their life by removing bad odors and preventing dirt from wearing down the fibers.

2. Cleaning House Gutters

Once-a-Year Cleaning Tasks, House Gutters
Blocked gutters can lead to numerous issues, such as moisture damage to roofs, ice damming in the winter, and even damage to the house's walls, windows, and doors. Hence, it’s important to have them adequately cleaned at least once a year. The ideal time to get this task done is right after the autumn season when leaves, pine needles, and other debris from the trees nearby are likely to start accumulating in the gutters.
However, if you live in an area with plenty of pine and evergreen trees, then you might need to clean the gutters a little more often - these trees tend to shed needles throughout the year.

3. Organizing the Pantry

Once-a-Year Cleaning Tasks, Organizing the Pantry
You don’t need to clean the pantry, cupboards, and drawers every week or every month. Just make sure you organize it once every year properly, and it should be fine. Ideally, the best time of the year for cleaning and organizing the pantry is around October-November every year, just before the holidays.
You can start the process by picking up each item from the pantry shelves and wiping it down. Also, make sure that you throw away any expired or spoiled items. There may also be some ingredients you no longer use. Get rid of those, too. Before putting the items back, dust the drawers.

4. Checking the Chimney and the Fireplace 

Once-a-Year Cleaning Tasks, Chimney and the Fireplace 
Getting the chimney and fireplace inspected for stability every year is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. The chimney and fireplace also need to be cleaned annually, even if you don’t use them often. Animal nests and other items blocking the chimney are more common than you'd think. Do this following the winter season, as you won’t be using your fireplace or chimney for the next few months. 
To clean the fireplace's interior and remove any unpleasant odors, use a solution of distilled vinegar and water and a small brush. Use a vacuum to remove any loose dust and ash. To clean your chimney, it’s best to hire a professional who can remove soot and other debris properly and safely.

5. Wiping Down Light Fixtures

Once-a-Year Cleaning Tasks, Wiping Light Fixtures
Dust and cobwebs can often settle on the light fixtures in your house, too. But that doesn’t mean you should start cleaning them every weekend. An annual cleanup is just fine. Use a microfiber cloth sprayed with a dusting spray to clean them. Even a cleaning duster with soft bristles will work well. If your light fixtures are a little high on the ceiling, then the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner with an extendable attachment should do the job. 

6. Deep Cleaning Carpets 

Once-a-Year Cleaning Tasks, Cleaning Carpets 
You should indeed be vacuuming your carpet at least once a week, but you don’t need to deep clean it every other month. You can have them cleaned professionally or rent a carpet cleaning machine from the local hardware store to do the task yourself. If you do it yourself, make sure that you choose a day when there’s likely to be less traffic on the carpet. Take the furniture off the carpet and then move the carpet cleaning machine through the entire area to give it a good clean. 
The best time of the year for a carpet cleaning job is late summer. During the peak summer months, everyone in the house is likely to be moving in and out a lot, so they will be bringing in bits of food, dirt, dust, and even pet dander on the carpets. So, do this chore at the end of the summer and follow with regular vacuuming for the following twelve months.  

7. Tackling the garage, basement, and attic

Once-a-Year Cleaning Tasks, Cleaning the garage, basement, and attic
Tackling storage areas, such as the garage, the attic, and the basement on an annual basis is good enough. Don’t be worried if they are gathering dust throughout the year, as no one expects your garage or basement to be spotless clean anyway. Deep cleaning once a year will ensure that all the dust and cobwebs are removed and the storage spaces remain properly organized.
It's important to check the area for moisture, mold, or any other issues as you're deep cleaning. Also, make sure to discard any broken items to free up more space. The floors of your attic, garage, and basement can be wiped down with a mop. Clean the walls and ceilings with a duster, and that's pretty much it.
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