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Stop Making These 10 Storage Mistakes

Whether it's food, clothes, jewelry or anything else, storing things incorrectly can cause you loads of frustration. That's why it's essential to make sure you store your food and belongings in such a way that it does not affect their lifespan negatively. Keep reading to find out how to store a whole range of common things:


1. Knives
Storage Mistakes
Most people like to keep their knives in a kitchen drawer, however, this is not only a recipe for a nasty accident, but it will significantly reduce their lifespan, since every time the drawer is opened they will rub against each other, thereby dulling the blades. Instead, you should use a magnetic rack or a butcher's block.
2. Silk Garments
Storage Mistakes
Storing silk garments on wood, plastic or wire hangers can leave permanent dent marks in silk, which can render them forever misshapen. If you really care about your silk clothes, then you should use padded hangers instead, which will keep them cushioned at all times.
3. ApplesStorage Mistakes
While keeping a bowl of apples on display is a really good way of tricking your friends into thinking you live a healthy lifestyle, if you actually want to eat them, you'd be better off storing them in the fridge. If possible, you should also keep them in a plastic bag, since the ethylene gas emitted by apples may result in other food going bad too quickly.
4. CoffeeStorage Mistakes
There is a popular belief that coffee grounds or beans should be kept in the fridge, but this couldn't be further from the truth since moisture from the fridge will enter into the coffee and reduce its shelf life. We'd recommend keeping it in an airtight container at room temperature, away from both heat and light.
5. NutsStorage Mistakes
Nut are typically a staple in most pantries, however, if left there for too long, they may become inedible. Store all of your nuts in the freezer or fridge to significantly increase their shelf life.
6. Wine GlassesStorage Mistakes
Most people store their wine glasses rim-side down in order to prevent dust from entering. However, since a wine glass's rim is far more fragile than the base, this may predispose them to breakage. Simply store them the right way up, and give them a quick rinse before you use them instead.
7. SpicesStorage Mistakes
Storing your spices close to the stove, fridge, dishwasher or any other warm place will cause their shelf life to become significantly decreased. You'd be far better off storing them in airtight containers at quite some distance from any sources of heat.
8. Maple SyrupStorage Mistakes
The ideal place to store maple syrup is in your fridge and not in your pantry since this will keep it fresher for longer. Don't worry if it begins to crystallize around the rim while in the fridge, since as long as it’s tightly sealed it will have no effect on the contents of the bottle itself.
9. PerfumeStorage Mistakes
While a fancy bottle of perfume might look lovely atop your dresser, doing so will make it lose its appeal pretty quickly. You should keep perfume far away from humidity, heat, and light, which is why your medicine cabinet is an ideal place, while your bathroom is not.
10. NecklacesStorage Mistakes
Hanging multiple necklaces on a jewelry hook is a great way to ensure that they all get tangled together and ruined forever... To keep them in good shape, place them within separate compartments inside a jewelry tray instead.


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