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5 Easy Simple Tips to Improve the Longevity of Your Socks

Socks come in many fabrics, colors, and sizes. But they all have two mutual tendencies that annoy people all over the world. The first is, of course, the fact that one sock always seems to vanish in the washer, leaving people with closets full of lonely socks. The second no less annoying feature of socks is their propensity to wear and tear. One day you bought a pair, and just a few washes later, you might as well throw them in the trash…
While little can be done about that first nerve-racking feature, there’s actually an easy way to extend the wear of your socks. Just keep these 5 things in mind.

1. Don’t wear socks as slippers

How to Make Your Socks Wear Much Longer socks and slippers
It definitely feels great to take off your shoes and let your feet breathe for a moment after an entire day of shoe-wearing. But after a few minutes of freedom and relaxation, you may decide to postpone or wander off and forget to put on slippers. With sock wear in mind, doing this is not a great idea. After all, socks are designed to cushion and keep your feet clean, dry, and comfortable as you’re wearing shoes. On their own, socks will wear out faster.
But there’s another reason why wearing socks alone at home is a bad idea, and that reason is slipping and falling. If you insist on wearing socks at home, make the habit of switching into a pair of slip-resistant socks once you’re at home. These socks are both more durable and much safer.

2. Choose the right size

How to Make Your Socks Wear Much Longer put on socks
Wearing the right sock size is just as important as wearing shoes that fit. The reasoning behind it is quite practical and goes beyond just comfort. Socks that are too small will eventually get holes around your toes, whereas socks that are too big will bunch up and tear in the places where they rub against the shoes.
If you always wear the right-sized socks but still experience wear and tear at the heels or the sides of the socks, it may also be a sign that your shoes are either too small or too big for you.

3. Follow these wash instructions

How to Make Your Socks Wear Much Longer washer
Washing mistakes can make your socks lose their color and shape. Wash socks in warm water and avoid bleach or fabric softener -  all of these things can ruin the shape of the socks and reduce their moisture-wicking properties. You can wash socks in laundry bags for delicates to prevent losing socks.
Lastly, it’s advised to wash socks inside out. This will prevent pilling and make sure that the sweat and microscopic skin particles stuck in the fabrics are completely removed in the washing process.

4. Be mindful of the way you dry socks

How to Make Your Socks Wear Much Longer  dry socks
Like washing mistakes, drying errors can also stretch out fabrics and make the socks more susceptible to wear and tear. Air-drying socks on a flat surface is the best method, but you can also use the dryer on low heat without any lasting damage. Avoid hanging your socks to dry - this will stretch out the fabric and make the socks fit worse.

5. Happy feet - happy socks

How to Make Your Socks Wear Much Longer people's feet in jeans
The last but definitely not the least thing to keep in mind are your feet. If you noticed that holes keep appearing around the toes and the heels, it may actually be due to poor foot maintenance, and not necessarily a poorly fitting shoe. Toenails and rough skin on the heels can cause more friction and tiny tears in the fabric, which eventually grow into holes.
Needless to say, keeping nails neatly manicured and heels smooth will not only extend the life of your socks but will also keep your feet healthy.
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