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The Short Guide To Palm Reading

If you look at the palm of your left and right hand, you’ll notice lines. These aren’t age wrinkles or proof of hard work, but rather the lines of our lives. Cheiromantics is the scientific name for the study of the palm, and although this is a complete and complex bible, we decided to try to simplify and explain four main lines: the heart line, the head line, the life line and the fate line. Here is a brief guide to palm reading!


What hand should you be looking at?

The right hand usually represents the practical mind - elements such as livelihood, success, and personality. The left hand, on the other hand, represents the emotional mind - feelings, love, family and children.

Some suggest that every person should read their dominant hand. Some say that women should read their left hand and men their right hand, but there isn’t a set rule. Most experts suggest looking at both hands to get a complete picture.

palm reading

As stated, Cheiromantics is a complex theory based on the cross-referencing of different data represented by the various lines. However, there are some basic characteristics that can teach you a thing or two about yourself and your life.

Reading the heart line

The heart line represents the emotional side of our life and reading it will help you understand what kind of person you are.

palm reading
The heart line touches the life line - your heart tends to break easily.
A straight line parallel to the life line - indicates great emotional stability.
Heart line connects to the head line - your brain and heart work together.
A high heart line, close to your fingers - Your brain is more dominant than your heart.
A line that matches your romantic partner’s line - indicates a perfect match. 
Broken line or small lines that cross it – you’ve experienced emotional trauma in the past.
The end of the line sits under your index finger - You are very picky romantically.
Straight and short - You don’t need romance or you have difficulties in relationships.
Long heart line - You are perceived as loving and giving with all your heart.

Reading the head line

The head line represents your cold and calculated side. This is the side of you that is responsible for conscious decisions, for interpersonal communication and for reason.

palm reading
• Straight line - You think clearly and logically and are practical and just.
• Head line connects to the heart line - you are perceived as having a weak character.
• Broken line or lines that cross it - a tendency to be isolated, introverted and scared.
• Long line - You are considered calculated, intelligent, adaptive and consistent in your lines of thought.
• Short Line - You are characterized by immediate success or immediate failure.
• A cut off and twisted line - You are creative and open to new ideas.
• A wavy line – you have a tendency for attention disorders and mental and emotional problems.
• A broken line - There are inconsistencies in your lines of thought.
• A clear and accentuated line - You are mentally and emotionally healthy, well organized and career-oriented.​

Reading the life line

The life line is not an indication of life expectancy, rather it’s related to your quality of life, and health.

palm reading

• Dark, uniform and clear line - You enjoy good health and a good life.
• Fractures in the life line - You have experienced crises, difficulties, changes or health problems in your life.
• Short and shallow line – you have a tendency to be easily influenced by others.
• A straight line that reaches the tip of your palm - You are careful in relationships, experience irritability and discomfort.
• A line close to your thumb - you tend to get tired easily.
• A line with a wide twist - You are perceived as very lively.


Reading the fate line

This line is considered the most mystical of all the lines on the palm. This line touches upon the delicate balance between external circumstances, or fate, and the circumstances of which we have control over.

palm reading
Deep and clear line - You are influenced and controlled by fate.
A long and straight line - You are perceived as orderly, docile and ordinary.
A broken line - You don’t like routine, and dictate your own destiny.
The fate line connects to the life line - you are perceived as an individualist.
The fate line connects to the heart line - You have a need to give up personal interests for the benefit of the needs of others.
The line begins at the tip of the palm – you have a tendency of conducting your life for all to see.
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