Can You Help Us Define These Weird Words?

Are you ready for another vocabulary challenge? Scratch your head and prepare your brain and English lexicon so we can test it! Identify and explain the following 15 confusing words!
My brother is known to be glib. That means he...
Tries to impress people
Is goal oriented
Is verbose but insincere
Is enthused
If something is infinitesimal, it means it's really....
Impossible to define
Define "Euphemism"
A sudden realization
A mild word instead of a harsh one
A holy aura
A feeling of excitement
Define the word "cacophony"
A loud mixture of different sounds
A large community of different peopole
A wide, open valley
Another name for cloud formations
Which of these words is a synonym for the word "Epitome"?
How would you define "Paradox"?
Supernatural occurence
Something that contains contradictory features
Something that is parallel to reality
Imaginary conversations
My friend is in a quagmire. That means he's...
In a party or a large gathering
In a complex situation
A person with two lovers
When a person is facetious, it means that they...
Take serious things lightly
Have beautiful features
Are liars
Are self-involved
When something is incontrovertible, it means that it is...
Impossible to deny
Out of control
Destroyed and cannot be helped
Irrevocably tragic
When a person is giving a soliloquy, they are actually...
Expressing their emotions without speaking
Speaking their thoughts aloud
Singing a song without music
Giving an enormous gift
"The light in the forest was evanescent." What does "evanescent" mean?
Yellow and resembling the sun
Quickly fading
Bright and shiny
Existing everywhere you look
Define the word "hegemony"
The act of investing money
A society where all are equal
Leadership by one group over another
A group of hedgehogs
When someone is told they have hubris, what do we mean?
It means they have a large head
It means they have a large brain
It means they are too proud
It means they lack self-confidence
When we reach the zenith, we've reached...
The lowest point
The apex
The point of no return
The goal of our journey
What does the word "acumen" mean?
A strong odor
Making allegations against others
A group of men in agreement
Keen insight
Sorry, But That's a Fail
Rare English words do not seem to be your cup of tea. That's all fine and dandy, since we hardly use any of these words anymore in common English, so it's not like you're missing out on something you're supposed to be using. That said, English is a joy to learn, and knowing more words and expanding your vocabulary is never a bad thing. Have a look at the correct answers below.
You Passed, But Not With Flying Colors...
You know some of these words, but you got less than half correct, which means you don't know a lot of old English words or words we hardly use any more. That's fine, we don't really need them anymore, but I bet you'd like to know more English words and expand the old vocabulary. To do so, have a look below to see the correct answers and add some new words to your lexicon.
You Did Really Well!
You got more than half of the answers right and maybe a bit more. Your vocabulary is impressive! Many of these words are lost to the world now, and more's the shame, since they are fantastic words well worth having in your lexicon.
You ACED This Test!
Wow, where did you get that fabulous vocabulary of yours? We're viridescent with envy! You know a lot of words that no one bothers to use anymore, and very few recall what they mean. We need more people with a big lexicon like yours, so English can once again become the sophisticated and gorgeous language it always was.
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