If You're a Baby Boomer, Then You Need to Take This Test!

 Here's a little quiz that all Baby Boomers should be able to pass with flying colors. Give it a shot and see how much you can remember about the little things that characterized an entire generation's childhood!
retro TV
At 1am what would Baby Boomers in the US find on TV?
The National Anthem
Music Videos
2 jugs of milk outdoors
Where did Baby Boomers get their milk from?
The milkman
The convenience store
Vending machines
vintage photo of girl with bicycle
Which of these was a popular bicycle accessory among Baby Boomers?
Banana seats
Pineapple seats
Strawberry seats
2 boys reading
Most Baby Boomers experienced a childhood without ______?
Computers & Calculators
vintage school exam
Baby Boomers in the US remember school ______ when they were young.
Atomic bomb drills
Anti-smoking courses
close-up of vintage TV
Which of the following was a popular 50s TV figure?
Howdy Doody
Homer Simpson
vintage photo of Woodstock teenagers
Which accessory was popular among Baby Boomers?
Davy Crockett hat
Jack Sparrow hat
pouring a glass of water
Where did Baby Boomers drink water from?
From the faucet
From glass bottles
From plastic bottles
Vintage family baking
Baby Boomers remember being told to eat ________?
Whatever was in front of them
Until they were full
Food that was organic
mother holding baby outdoors
Baby Boomers remember being ______ by their parents.
man talking through a tin can
Baby Boomers often needed to speak to ______?
The operator
The answering machine
The radio
schoolgirls walking down corridor
What were girls advised to wear to school?
fully stocked fridge
What was the refrigerator called?
Ice Box
vintage small TV
There used to be no _____ on television.
Bad Words
vintage telephone
Baby Boomers from the US will remember phone numbers that started with _______?
The number 1
Two digits
senior man in front of serene background
You Live in the Present...
After analyzing your answers, we've come to the conclusion that you're either not a Baby Boomer at all, or you've learnt to let go of the past and have moved on with the times. You enjoy the world as it exists today, and have decided to live in the present and to let the past lie in the past. Good for you!
happy senior man on beach
Not Too Shabby!
Not bad! While your memory of some things is still a little blurry, you managed to get quite a good portion of the answers correct. This shows that no matter how much you grow and develop, a little piece of your heart will forever remain in the past, which is both a beautiful and admirable thing. Good on you!
senior woman pushing tire at gym
The Brightest Baby Boomer
Amazing! You totally aced this quiz! We'd be shocked if you told us that you're not actually a baby boomer, and just happen to know so much about this prosperous time. Whether it's knowledge about TV scheduling at 1am or the most popular fashion and bicycle accessories, it's clear that even though the times may change, some things will always remain close to your heart!
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