What Compliment Do You Deserve?

 We work, we take care of others, we strive for ourselves and the ones we love. We all need to get a compliment once in a while, a little recognition of what we are and what we do. Which one should YOU get? Take this test to find out...
Pick the word that most reflects who you are inside
What would you say is the perfect way to spend a day off?
Getting something pampering done to me
A marathon of beloved tv shows
Meeting up with my favorite friends
Taking a hike through a beautiful place
Pick the photo that touches your heart
מבחן איזו מחמאה מגיע לך לקבל: רגליים כבולות
Which of these, to you, would be the harshest torture?
Reliving my past mistakes
Living in poverty
Spending my life alone
Seeing those I love suffer
You've lost your way in a forest, and you are completely turned around and not sure which direction to take. Which would you usually pick?
If you could go back in time a decade and give yourself a single message, what would it be?
"Don't be afraid to ask for help."
"Trust your own decisions."
"Focus more on yourself."
"Enjoy every moment of every day."
Which of these is likely to be a guilty pleasure of yours?
Watching a show or movie most people don't like
Some kind of stress-relieving nasty habit
A childish habit I still carry around with me
Overfeeding the neighborhood animals
What do you prefer, a home-cooked meal or a meal at a restaurant?
Stock Catalog
You will get 12 of whatever you pick. What's your choice?
Chicken wings
When do you usually wake up?
Around 9-10am
Before 7am
Between 7-9am
After 10am
When was the last time you spent a significant amount of money on something you wanted for yourself?
About a month ago
More than a year ago
Some months ago
I can't remember
You should be proud of your strength and determination
According to this test, you have an inspiring amount of courage and the ability to overcome challenges that other people may not always notice about you. Sometimes you may hide your strength from them, while in other times you inspire them with it. So you deserve to hear - WAY TO GO! - for your determination and your inner strength, something that, when people see it, inspires them to be stronger themselves.
You should be proud of your hard work
People like you hold the world up, did you know that? They work hard and are their own biggest criticizers. You probably have a determined and loyal character, but one that may also suffer from a small lack of confidence. You push yourself to give more and more for what you want, and you may get angry with yourself when you miss the mark. Your journey isn't easy, and you should be complimented for the hard work you've put into it.
You should be proud of your ability to support others
Today, everyone is all "me, me, me!" With social media taking the front stage, people are self-obsessed like never before. That is why people like you, who are there for others with a ready shoulder to cry on and a wise word of advice are worth their weight in gold! You are the balm, the peace and the emotional support so many of us feel we need all the time in this modern, high-stress society. You deserve the biggest compliments for your support of others.
You should be proud of how unselfish you are
According to this test, you suffer from a very very rare disease nowadays - you're not selfish! Wow, that is not a very common sight in this ultra-modern, highly-visual and highly self obsessed culture. You were probably raised by caring people who instilled in you a sense of right and wrong, and the self awareness to know when you are putting yourself first and when you are wrong to do so. Everyone takes care of themselves, but it is the rare person who puts others first. You deserve a huge compliment for that!
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