Do You Know Basic Cooking?

 Do you know how to cook? That's a loaded question, since many of us know how to cook specific things we like, but not everyone knows how to COOK. That's why we devised this basic cooking skills quiz for you to test yourself and find out: Do you know basic cooking?
True or False: When poaching eggs vinegar is added to the water to add flavor.
For a perfect hardboiled egg, how long would you keep the eggs in the pot for?
7-10 minutes
3-5 minutes
1-2 minutes
10-20 minutes
In baking recipes, what is usually the first step?
Preheat the oven
Crack eggs
Put everything on the counter
Measure everything into the bowls
What is the term used to describe pasta that is “firm to the bite?”
La stronga
Fin Firm
Al Dente
The four forms of frying are...
Shallow, deep, stir and pan-frying.
Deep, saute, shallow, and stove.
Pan, shallow, oven and deep
Foods to be deep fried are generally coated to...
Protect the foods from drying out.
Add texture and color.
Cook the foods faster.
Keep the oil from getting cold.
How many tablespoons in 1 cup?
What is the difference between a convection oven and a conventional oven?
A convection oven has a broiling setting.
A convection oven is also a microwave.
A convection oven has a fan.
What does it mean when you “julienne” something?
Chop into small cubes
Toss everything together
Marinate overnight
Cut into thin strips
Does Marinara Sauce have meat in it?
No, it's all veggies
Yes, it's all meat
Marinara is not a sauce
It has only raw meat in it
Foods to be stewed should be prepared as...
Large pieces prior to stewing.
Smaller, even, bite-sized pieces prior to stewing.
Not prepared.
The resulting liquid created during the stewing process is...
Strained, reduced and served as the sauce.
Served with the stew.
Strained and discarded.
A basic pesto sauce is made with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, basil, salt and...
Pine nuts
Tomato sauce
Not a Cook
Well, it seems from your answers that you are not one to cook us our lunch. That's fine, we don't all need to be cooks. Who will enjoy the dishes? You're invited to try again or look at our answers to the questions.
You Know the Kitchen!
The kitchen is no mystery to you, since you knew quite a lot of the correct answers to our questions. You may not be a full-fledged cook, but you definitely have a lot of the basic knowledge needed to be one. Keep learning and you'll be a good cook in no time.
You're a COOK!
You're basically a cook! You knew all these cooking tips, methods and measurements, which means you definitely know your way around a kitchen. We hope one day to taste one of your recipes!
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