Who Were You During Medieval Times?

Medieval times were a strange and mysterious era in our history. It was a time where science stopped, and faith continued to bloom. Yet, many important historical events took place, and many legendary men and women walked the earth. What was YOUR ancestor doing in those times?
Your significant other is telling you about an injustice that happened to them at work. What do you do?
Give advice and move on quickly to the next topic
Offer to fight for them to help overcome this injustice
Talk to them about how they feel
Think about a creative solution to the problem
What movie genre is your favorites among these?
Fantasy and Sci Fi
What detail in this photo catches your eye the most?
The Mountains
The Green Hills
The Blue Skies
The Lake
If we open your closet, what will we find?
Mostly designer clothes and brands
Mainly sports-wear
A mix of all kinds of styles
Mostly second hand clothes and clothes I designed
Which of these topics interests you the most?
Pick the house you'd like to live in most
You've entered a political discussion with someone of the opposite opinions. What do you do?
I will attempt to win the argument with every trick in my arsenal
I will defend my position but not attack them if they don't attack me
I will gladly discuss it for hours on end
I will present my arguments in creative ways
You have a day off, how will you spend it?
Meeting with friends
Travel the country
Read a book
Pursue one of my many hobbies
Pick a dish.
You are on a deserted island with a bunch of strangers. What do you do?
I will band them together and set goals for the group
Check if everyone is OK and help whoever is in need
Start thinking of plans to help us escape
Build a shelter and try to find materials to start a fire
Which travel destination attracts you most?
United Kingdom
What quality is most important to you in your close friends?
Self Respect
What was your favorite subject at school?
You must create a presentation for work. How will you do it?
I'll get an expert friend to make it for me
I'll make a good, honest presentation with all the facts
I'll make a basic presentation but mostly will speak from the information in my head
I will make a beautiful presentation with lots of fun effects
A King!
You come from royalty! Unlike today, where kings and queens are mostly figureheads, during medieval times, they ruled with an iron fist and with almost limitless personal power. Some kings were kind and generous, while others were strong and warlike. They were usually wise and well-educated, used to judge others for their sins and actions as well as serving as an arbitrator for his nobles. You probably have great leadership qualities and the ability to summon true authority.
A Knight
We hope your ancestor was a true knight of justice. The tenets of knighthood were, unfortunately, not always followed by actual knights, who sometimes only fought for their lieges. But the actual knightly code is an honorable one - to defend the helpless and the weak, to risk life and limb for what is right and just, and to fight injustice wherever one sees it. We hope that this ancestor gave you their loyalty, courage, and unwavering faith.
A Philosopher
Just like philosophers can sit for hours discussing the most abstract things, we wouldn't be surprised if you can do just the same. You are probably a person who believes more in the process than in the result. You love speaking of things that are not that realistic, but just fascinating to you. We recommend that you come down to earth from time to time, but it's a great thing to have your head in the clouds sometimes. It's where wonderful creative thoughts occur.
The Mystic Healer
One of the most interesting people during medieval times was that of the mystic healer. Someone who sometimes identified as a medicine man, sometimes a shaman, and sometimes a mystic, using alchemy and other mystic arts to heal others (or so they believed). These people had a large amount of knowledge of herbs and plants that we have actually lost. Many natural remedies they used are only being discovered again today. You must be a unique, creative, and probably introverted person, living in your internal world and applying your skills in either a spiritual direction, a scientific direction, or both.
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