What's Your Most Powerful Sense?

Ever wondered what your most dominant sense is? Do you think you understand the world mostly by using sight, smell, hearing, touch or taste? Simply answer the questions contained in the quiz below, and find out for yourself.
toddler and husky puppy
Which word do you associate with this picture?
young girl smelling herbs
Which sense do you think you could go without in order to keep the other four?
woman with old book in front of her face
If you had to choose a subtitle for your life, what would it be?
(Your Name): Making My Own Rhythm
(Your Name): Eat. Love. Repeat.
(Your Name): Seize the Day
(Your Name): One With the Seasons
(Your Name): Always Fresh
seasons concept
Which picture is your favorite?
woman wearing pearls and floppy hat
delicious stack of pancakes
cup of cappuccino
pottery concept
drops of dew
women at a masked party
jar of strawberries
What word does this picture bring to mind?
archery at dusk
When trying to learn a new skill, what do you need to do?
Listen to someone explain how it's done.
Watch someone else doing it.
Physically attempt the task with your own hands.
Work out the steps in your head.
pretty woman lying on petals
What's the first thing that you notice about a person?
Their voice
Their scent
Their physical appearance
Their smile
Their mannerisms
abstract art
If you could easily master an art, which one would it be?
salmon and herbs
statue of man holding grapes
painting of birds
professional dancers
man taking a photo
piano and score
young adults jumping on beach
Which place do you most want to visit?
girl listening to music in park
What do you often do in your free time?
Watch TV or a movie
Go for a walk
Listen to music
Make some tasty treats
Do a spot of gardening
hearing concept
You're an avid listener and a fan of music, and you experience the world through sound. You are fascinated by ambient noise and the different sounds of individual environments, and can drastically alter your own mood depending on what music you choose to listen to. You are adept at identifying individuals by their voices, and familiarize yourself with your surroundings via sound, even if you don't really realize it.
woman's blue eye
You're an innately creative and visual person. You experience the world directly through sight, and while you may forget a name, you can never forget a face. You perceive the world through shapes, colors, and movements, and have formed deep emotional connections with specific colors and images, making you a complete visual learner.
feeling a grain of wheat
An extremely hands-on person, you experience the world directly and take physical existence at face value. Touch is something you use to learn and to feel emotion. If you see something you like or admire, your immediate instinct is to touch it. You are adept at assessing your surroundings with a keen sense of spatial awareness.
Asian woman eating noodles
You are a passionate foodie who considers pleasure to be the purest form of happiness, and tend to experience the world through adventures in food. Taste is something you use to adequate yourself with your surroundings, and is deeply connected to how you remember or identify with a specific locale. A keen sense of taste can also be heavily tied to enhanced emotional ability, and you are adept at assessing the moods of others.
woman smelling violet flowers
A deeply instinctual person with a strong memory, you experience the world most vividly through smell and familiarity, even though you may not really realize it. Smell is the strongest sense our brains associate with memory, and people whose sense of smell is prominent tend to have a primal connection to nature and a deep relationship with the past. You immediately react to familiar smells, and sometimes have very specific memories triggered simply by your sense of smell unconsciously connecting scents.
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