What Reality Show Would You Be On?

Reality TV was the bombshell of the early 2000s. For the first time, we could watch normal people do some amazing things, and we loved to see our favorites struggle and win. All of us had the same thought - how would I do in one of these shows? Leaving aside the question of WOULD, if you were to be a participant on a reality tv show, which one would you be good at? Let's find out by completing this quiz.
Pick a word that you'd use to describe yourself (the one that is MOST apt)
What kind of vacation would you particularly enjoy?
Going camping somewhere remote
Going to see some great performance
Going to a country rich in culture and food
Going somewhere I can do lots of shopping
Going somewhere romantic
When are you at your best?
When I'm pushed to the edge
When I'm focused on my work
When I'm expressing myself
When I'm trying to close a deal
When I'm with the people I love
Which of these would you most like to feel?
That I'm hardy and smart
That I'm talented
That I'm a consummate professional
That I'm a good artist
That I'm powerful
How good are you at problem solving?
It's my forte!
Good, I usually see the solution to things
About average
Really not my forte
Pick an animal you feel a personality-bond with
When it comes to group dynamics, where do you see yourself?
The social leader
The de-facto leader
The entertainer
The clever one
The independent one
Which of these would you prefer to have?
How do you like expressing yourself?
Through my art
Through my behavior
Through my accomplishments
Through the people I care about
How important are sensory pleasures to you?
Extremely, I want to be surrounded by beauty and taste
It doesn't play a role in how I live my life
It's quite important to me to eat good things and have beauty around me
I enjoy these things but I don't feel like I MUST to have them
What do you enjoy watching on television?
I don't watch much television, prefer the outdoors
Reality tv, news and sports
Thrillers and action
Dramas and comedies
According to your results, you'd do great as a participant on Survivor, the show that pits you against the elements and you must use your wits and your friends to survive your harsh environment and make it to the prize. <br><br> We think you're just what they're looking for, an outdoorsy, smart and hardy individual with a lot of cunning and a can-do attitude towards getting things done. You can be creative when pushed to your limits, and you know how to plan ahead on minimal resources.
Top Chef
According to your results, you'd do great as a participant on Top Chef! Your actual skill in the kitchen aside, you admire professionalism, sticking to goals and doing things in the best way possible, the closer to perfection the more beautiful the execution.<br><br> You admire beauty like few others, as well as some of the finer things in life, like good wine and better food. We wouldn't be surprised if you're a foody, but even if not, you are a Top Chef in spirit.
The Apprentice
According to your results, you'd do great as a participant on The Apprentice. You are as competitive as they come, wily and fiercely focused on your objectives. You know your value and you have high self-confidence in yourself, as well as the will to get there. You value money but it's not always about that. Most of the time it's just about winning.
The Voice
According to your results, you'd do great as a participant on The Voice. Now, we're not saying you must be a talented singer with a golden voice. But if you did, oh what a candidate you'd be! You have that passion for art, for self-expression. If you have or if you had the ability (and we hope you found some way to do so in your life) to open your inner creativity and talent there's little limit to what you can do.
The Bachelor/ette
According to your results, you'd do great as a participant on the Bachelor or the Bachelorette! You're a deeply passionate person, with a lot of love in your heart and a yearning to be loved in return. You're sociable and affectionate, believe in real love and are very loyal to the people you love. In addition to romantic love, you would do so much for the people in your life you love, they know they can always come to you.
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