What Movies and Books Should You Read?

There are many genres of books and movies, as many as the various interests of human beings. However, there are the bigger genres we all know about, enjoying some more than others. In this personality test, we will try to understand what movies and books you SHOULD be watching or reading. Let's see how we do...
What scares you most?
Walking somewhere I don't know at night, alone
Unending bordeom
Being lonely
Feeling like there's nothing special about me
Being an ignorant, uneducated person
What gives you the biggest smile?
When my curiosity is satisfied
When I daydream
When I'm with my romantic partner
When I'm told a joke
When I get excited about something
Choose an animal that interests you.
Do you like your movies and books short or long?
As short as possible
Depends on the content
As long as possible
What makes you feel ALIVE?
The love of the people around me
My imagination and inner world
Having social fun with friends and family
Having exciting adventures that make my heart pump
Discovering new experiences
Choose a color you prefer.
Do you enjoy watching movies or reading books more than once?
Nope, no reason for it
Often, if I like them
Choose a beverage.
What kind of dessert do you like?
Something sweet and light
Anything with chocolate
Something a little sour that shocks the mouth
Something salty
If you could have any animal, existing or non-existing, which would you choose?
A tiny dragon
An elephant
A talking parrot
An incredibly cute dog
A tiger
Fantasy and Science Fiction
You have a big and developed inner world, one that is easily bored by the mundane world we live in. It's not that you're necessarily bored, it's just that you yearn to see fantastic, other-earthly things, that stretch your imagination and make you think in new ways. <br><br> In fantasy and Science Fiction, we not only experience another universe, history or places, but also the feeling of powers not of this life, of epic struggles that are bigger and more exciting than we experience in our daily lives. Many of us enjoy this genre, which is why it has gotten much more popular in recent decades.
Documentaries / Non-Fiction
You may enjoy fiction but according to your answers, what you should really watch and read are non-fiction documentaries and books. Autobiographies, interesting new facts, these are the things that draw you. <br><br> You feel best when you learn new things. You are interested in REALITY more than you are in fictional stories, as these are the things that really affect your life and the lives of real people. Learning is fun, and you enjoy getting more information in your head.
Thrillers / Mystery Books
You seek forms of excitement that are probably not present in your daily life. You tend towards thrilling, tension-filled stories, that have something at stake, and that keep you tense for the length of it. <br><br> Beyond excitement, you are also a curious person who enjoys mysteries and problem solving. You probably love trying to figure out the mystery or 'who did it', during your reading or watching of the story. You may enjoy detective stories, crime stories and other stories that keep you on the edge of your seat.
Romantic Comedy / Romance
According to your answers you enjoy romance and romantic things. In cinema, this may be a romantic drama or a romantic comedy. In books, it is usually a more serious romance story. <br><br> This inclination is a weird yet common mix of feeling comforted yet excited. The characters are explored more fully, so you get to really know them. They are less involved in action then in feeling, an evolving connection between them and other people. This, to you, is the more interesting part about a story - the characters and the feelings they discover and evolve.
Life is serious enough. It is harsh, unforgiving and sometimes sad. That is why people like you (and many others) most like a good comedy or light story to make us forget about life for a while and imagine it's a lighter reality we live in. <br><br> The need to laugh is also a sign of optimism. You want to be happy. You want to laugh and be moved to feel good. These are harder for cynics and those who have lost hope for feeling the lighter things in life. Your answers show that you have a lot of light in your heart, and that you want to be happy and feel good.
Horror movies are usually a "take it or leave it" kind of genre. You either love it or you hate it. According to your answers, it seems like you love it! Those who love horror movies usually have a place inside them that craves excitement. Our daily lives don't offer much in the way of mortal jeopardy (luckily), but reading or watching horror makes us feel that little bit of terror that a real situation may cause. <br><br> While many do not enjoy this feeling at all, horror lovers enjoy that tingle of fear they feel, especially as negated by them knowing none of it is real. The cycle of fear hastening our heartbeats and the realization that we're safe can be a heady and enjoyable experience to many.
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